Revised 12/12/16

Ads run for 6 months and may be renewed any time.
Ads are removed without notice at the end of 6 months if not renewed.
  1. Wanted: I am looking for a 1961 300G hardtop in black. Unrestored or restored would be fine as long as it was a nice car. I am hoping you can help me with my search so that I can join the 300 fraternity. Contact John at email (02/01/16)

  2. Wanted: 300H in need of rebuilding. I am looking for an H in major need of parts and a home. Contact Gordon at (04/05/16)

  3. Wanted: I am looking to purchase a 1962 300H coupe or a 300 Sport coupe in tidy condition. No cancer thanks. I can give her a good home, she will be driven monthly. Contact Marty at email address (11/07/16)

  4. Wanted: We are looking for a 57 300C, nothing restored, just projects to driver quality . Any help would be great. Contact Mike at email address (12/12/16)

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