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  1. Wanted - 1956 Chrysler 300B. Long-time Chrysler fan hopes to own a 1956 300B. Prefer a running car with original power train. Three speed Torqueflight or standard transmission highly desirable but Powerflight in good operational condition is just fine. Prefer good body with straight bumpers and stainless. Good steering wheel a plus. I have enjoyed older things since young and will take care of, preserve, and especially cherish your car. Please phone and/or leave a message. Gregory Dimas (cell) 708-710-0910 or, or P.O. Box 5422 River Forest, IL 60305. (10/26/18)

  2. Wanted 300J coupe in Claret Poly or black. Would prefer to buy a good driver but will consider projects as well. Mechanical issues are not a problem but would like a mostly solid car with at least driver quality cosmetics. Contact Sam Cohen at email or 510-414-0926. (04/07/19)

  3. Im looking for a 1962 Chrysler 300 (letter or non-letter). Can have surface rust with some floor and other body work repairs needed. Should have all stainless available and decent glass. Interior can need significant repair, but should have all gauges, seats, dash and steering wheel. If you know where one is located please contact me at . (05/03/19)

  4. Wanted - 1962 SPORT 300 with ac & pw (or New Yorker/Newport with same). Some rust okay but no bad frame rust through. Should run/drive/stop or be fairly close to it. We are looking for an occasional driver that we can make reliable and somewhat presentable without a lot of extra work and additional cost. No really bad glass, body, lot of missing parts etc. In short, nothing higher grade and relatively expensive nor worn out eye sores either. If you know where something like this might be we'd certainly be obliged to hear from you. Contact Allan & Gloria at email (06/03/19)

  5. Wanted - 1960 Chrysler 300F Convertible. Black or maybe red. Would really like a super nice #2 show quality driver. Have cash waiting for the right car. Contact Greg, 952-440-6722 or (08/01/19)

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