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  1. 1963 64 Passenger Side Mirror Base Wedge
        The mirror base wedges for the 63 - 64 Chrysler passenger side rear view fender mirrors are available. They are $130/each shipping paid within US.          See for details. Contact Bob at   (10/01/19)

  2. Torqueflite Transmission Rebuilding:
    I'm offering my rebuilding services for 1956 and up cast iron Torqueflite and 727 transmissions. I can also rebuild PowerFlite transmissions. Many club members have my rebuilt transmissions in their cars. I have been doing these for close to 20 years and have been working on Chrysler products for over 30 years.
    I also have a distributor machine and can recondition dual point distributors and most others. I can also do pretty much any mechanical work on cars. I have been a club member since 1982. Contact: Don Verity 29 MacArthur Drive, Smithfield, RI 02917 401-231-7816 email: (10/14/19)

  3. Gaskets for Ram Induction.
    These are duplicates of the originals, made with a steel core. See $5/each and add $5 for shipping within US or $10 for shipping to Canada. Overseas shipping available. Contact Bob Merritt at PO Box 279, Auburn, NY 13021 or (10/14/19)

  4. Power steering bracket adjuster tool.
    These are used on 1961-1966 Chrysler products to adjust belt tension. See the web page at or the video at $6/each and add $5 for shipping within US or $10 for shipping to Canada. Overseas shipping available. Contact Bob Merritt at PO Box 279, Auburn, NY 13021 or (10/14/19)

  5. Window Regulator Replacement Washers & Bushings.
    These are used on 1957-1964 Chryslers. See $1.25/each [minimum order: $25.00] and add $5 for shipping within US or $10 for shipping to Canada. Overseas shipping available. Contact Bob Merritt at PO Box 279, Auburn, NY 13021 or (10/14/19)

  6. Carpet strips/holders for 300F/G
    Reproduction carpet strips/holders for 300F/G ( will work on 300H with some mods). Chromed aluminum, looks very nice, chrome harder than original anodized. These go on the floor over the carpet where the console and floor carpet meet.  Click here for pictures. $450 a set + shipping. Info or call 506 393-8189 (10/21/19)

  7. F, G Heel Plates

    I have several sets of these heel plates from Sweden to sell. These are reproduction heel plates for 300F or G. Polished aluminum plates, new quality rubber inserts and galvanized under plates all as original. $425 a set plus $20 shipping. contact Michael Burke at or 517 441 4140. (10/31/19)

  8. G trunk medallion
    I am making trunk emblems for 61 Chryslers. See $100 for a blank clear lens, $125 for the silver, gold or tinted red lens. $150 for the 3 colour 300 lens. The LED light kit is $25. Makes for a cool 3rd brake light. All prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping from Vancouver BC. Email Adam Vitkay at with any questions. (10/31/19)

  9. Spark Plug Wire Stands for Cross Ram Engines

    These are new parts copied from original F, G ram engine pieces. $95.00 a set, contact Michael Burke at for more information (10/31/19)

  10. Sill Plates, FG Door Panels
    1957-59 two door hard top sill plate reproductions available for 300's as well as other Chryslers, Desotos & Dodges. The sills are $375 a set. I also have brushed aluminum panels for doors of 300 F & G, either coupe or convertible at $450 a set. Contact Michael Burke at Email (10/31/19)

  11. Sill Plates
    1955 - 1956 Door Sill Plates for Chrysler C300, 300B, Desoto, and Imperial 2-door and convertibles. Click here for photos. Beautiful quality, NOS factory-correct 3-D detailing and appearance as these are the only die-stamped aluminum sill plates produced. Four piece set is $399 plus S/H. Do not miss this only opportunity to acquire these concours quality sills to replace those dented, scuffed, and corroded door sill plates.
    Limited availability. Contact John R. Cote, 2000 Little Meadow Rd., Guilford, CT 06437.
    Call 203-988-7550 or email (11/16/19)

  12. New Choke Pots for Ram Cars, Heater switch rebuilding, new window rollers, new headlight anchors. Choke pots for 60-61 ram cars. Beautiful reproduction in stainless, pot holder included. Heater switch rebuilt service. I can fix your 1959-1966 plastic heater switch, A/C and non A/C. I replace the cams inside with new ones and replace broken port nipples with brass ones. Quarter window rollers for 1960-64 convertible and 2 dr cars. Precision made in USA, We also made a small run of the power window gearbox gear in metal to replace the weak nylon gear. For 1960 -1964 PW gearbox with removable covers only, gear may fit some late 50's also. You will need to send me the gearbox so inquire for details. Headlight adjusting nuts made of brass to replace nylon ones 1961-64 cars. Click Forward Look Parts for pictures and information. (11/16/19)

  13. Rear Brake Drum Puller:
    Click here for pictures and info. It consists of a 6"x6"x5/8" steel plate with the 5 holes drilled on the 4 1/2" bolt pattern that all Mopars, except Imperial, use. For 1956 and newer cars that have studs on the drum, we made elongated nuts (1 3/8" long) by drilling and tapping hex rod for right and left hand thread. We cut right & left hand threaded studs to length and screwed them about half way into the elongated nuts and tack welded them into place to maintain the right length. You screw the five elongated nuts onto the stud on the drum. The studs stick out beyond the axle far enough to install the plate over the studs and sits against the axle shaft. You put a nut & washer on each stud & tighten them until the drum comes off. It pulls on all five studs and is shorter & sturdier than three legged pullers.
    The puller for pre-1956 Mopars uses the same plate but the hardware is different to attach to those drums that have threaded holes in the drum. I sell them with the guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the puller, send it back for a refund. So far no one has sent one back. The puller for 1956 and newer cars sells for $100.00. The kit that includes hardware for pulling pre-1956 drums is $125.00. Add $12.00 for UPS shipping within US. To order, send a check made to Les Fairbanks to T & L Mold 1246 E. Empire Ave. Benton Harbor, MI 49022. I have a few pullers made up and usually ship the same day I get the check. Thanks, Les email: (11/16/19)

  14. 1960 Chrysler wiper washer switch repair:
    John Grady has created a kit to repair this unique switch. Click Forward Look Parts for more information. (11/16/19)

  15. Hood Safety Catch for C, D:
    Forward Look Parts now has a kit that adds a hook type catch to the 300 CD hood (it may also fit the E). This is a great way to add protection to your original hood latch. Our second catch is two machined plates and a hood spring hook added to existing bolts. The stock 300 catch is retained as is. The new catch is positioned off to one side and no drilling is required to install. You pop the hood to the first click, reach under and free the added safety catch. Click here for installation video. (11/16/19)

  16. Hood Springs For C, D, E:
    Forward Look Parts has new hood springs for 300C, D, and E made with larger diameter spring wire for more strength. These new springs will generally solve issues of a hood failing to stay up. Remove and replace springs by inserting multiple shims into a stretched spring. Click here for installation hints (best done as a two person job.) (11/16/19)

  17. New Reproduction Parts:
    At Vans Auto we strive to provide quality restoration parts at an affordable price. We offer a wide variety of parts for Chrysler 300's including but not limited to, Sill Plates, Gas Tanks, Sending Units, Mirrors, and much more! Visit our website or give us a call at (920) 324-2481. Vans Auto N3147 Center Rd. Waupun, WI 53963 (11/16/19)

  18. Restoration Services
    We have been building award winning show cars for over 20 years. We specialize in rust removal and body work topped off with proven award winning paint. We offer full turn-key restorations "show" or "concours" quality. We have built cars for people from all over North America. Take advantage of the High Exchange Rate against the Canadian Dollar. Call Terry at 1-403-680-2645 and visit our website at (11/16/19)

  19. Drive Shaft Boot Kits. New trunion universal joint boot for Chrysler, Desoto, Dodge and Plymouth with 4" Detroit joint used from 1953 - 1965. Comes with correct factory clamps and instructions. $53, includes shipping to lower 48. Click here for picture. I accept PayPal and US Postal Money Orders. Mark Sherman at email: or 207-809-6911. (11/16/19)

  20. New Windshields. New windshields for 1955-1964 Chrysler Corp. convertible & hardtop passenger cars. Most of you know that I've been producing these for over 20 years now and that the overall quality of these is generally considered a lot better than any others out there, incl. OEM, Chinese or South American made. I now also reproduce new rear windows for 1957-1959 2dr Hardtops (Coupes) in laminated safety glass, just like windshields, and these too fit & look better than OEM. Current (2018) prices range from about $1200.00 to $2000.00 each + shipping. Most models in stock, others available on special order. I also wish to thank all who have purchased my windshields and services in past 20+ years.
    Timo Tanskanen Restoration, 5885 Jurupa Ave., Unit G, Riverside, CA 92504. Phone: 951-687-6579. Email: (11/16/19)

  21. New Parts. Click Forward Look Parts for more information.
    Windshield washer switch rebuild kit. Includes new black center button, instructions. Specify vacuum (60) or electric (61, 62, maybe more).
    Windshield washer switch conversion or repair kit for 300F. Adds a V3 microswitch to control an electric washer pump, bracket, button, and new pump switch, plus button repair parts above.
    Door handle repair kit for C and D, probably E. New return spring, special shoulder bolts, special washers, (two sizes of rivets were used, this kit works on both designs). Allows disassembly for re-chrome. No more flopping door handles.
    New heat riser elbows for 60-62 Ram cars. 10 mm thicker flanges to prevent cracks or fractures. Beautifully machined, ductile material, longer slots. Limited quantity, will NOT be made again.

  22. New Ram Linkage. New throttle linkage for ram cars is now available. These will fit 60-64 ram cars (not max wedge), B or RB block. All the parts are hand made by a local machinist. The complete linkage set comes with all the hardware (clips, nuts, washers, grommets etc.) and includes the bell crank, two linkage rods to carburator, bottom rod to firewall and all parts at bottom of bell crank. See pictures. Two complete sets are available now. The price for a complete set is $395 US + shipping. More linkages will be made to order and I can supply individual parts of the linkage also. For more info contact Jean-Yves Chouinard at or call (506) 393-8189.

  23. E, H Carbs 300E/H Inline 2x4 Setup. This a VERY complete and restored setup for an "H" but would be appropriate on an "E" as well. Media blasted and refinished. Casting date on intake is 1/12/2. The carbs have been show-quality restored with many new parts, including all hardware and fittings and the Bakelite choke mechanism (detailed receipt for all work available.) They are the correct 3258s and 3259s carbs and have the date code of "K1" on each. Refinished original air cleaners with new rubber vibration rubber nubs . The setup Includes new phenolic spacers, all gaskets, 300H pattern fuel lines down to the fuel pump, H-style coil bracket with spacer, return spring brackets and springs, new inline fuel filter, et al. Includes the original multi-piece linkage rod as well. Click here for pictures. I have additional pix that I can send to interested individuals. Thanks. $3200 plus shipping. Keith Langendorfer, Waldoboro, ME. Wireless #: 978-968-5049. Email (12/04/19)

  24. Wheel Covers
    Six 1958 Imperial Wheel Covers, four 1957 Imperial Wheel Covers, five 1966 Dodge Wheel Covers, five 1968 300 Wheel Covers, four 1976 Wheel Covers, one 1957 NOS Wheel Cover, five C300 Wheel Covers. Please E-Mail Bill Codner at crossram 413@Verizon.Net or call 973-525-6017 (01/09/20)

  25. 1957-1959 Power Windows plastic connectors
    Very nice and accurate reproduction of original Power Windows plastic connectors, for both master switch and single switches. Limited production made by batches, so it can take time to fulfill your order. The master switch connector is $33.00, the single switch connector is $9.00. A full set (1 master and 3 singles) is $60.00. Shipping from Europe, worldwide at a $8.00 flat rate up to 2 full sets. Click here for pictures. Contact me at: Email (01/09/20)

  26. Reproduction Chrysler 300 air cleaners again available. Both round and acsmall oval styles to fit 58 thru 64 dual 4 bbl cars. Cleaners are steel as original and painted correct colors with correct decals, ready to bolt on. $675 per pair. Also, new 57-59 300 sill plates. Call Mike Burke at 517 441 4140 or email: (01/09/20)

  27. 1955 Chrysler 300 Parts 1955 Chrysler 300 dual carburetor manifold, WCFB carburetors still with tags, bat wing air cleaner and linkage. These parts were outside for some time and the carburetors are stuck, but everything else looks good. The engine was obtained years ago after everything had been outside for some time and when the present owner got it, he pulled the manifold and carbs off and put them inside. Engine 3N55 is available but not in good shape. Email for photos. Best offer by May 1, 2020. Arnold Schlagel, Ulm, MT. 406-231-3587 (03/02/20)

  28. Cross Ram Balance Tube Hoses
      Cross Ram Balance tube hoses and clamps. Fits ALL years and engine sizes. Hoses are $44.00 per set (2). Clamps are $36.00 per set (4). Shipping is free if you order both hoses and clamps together OR if you order 2 sets of hoses OR 2 sets of clamps. Shipping is $8.95 (USA) if ordering just hoses or clamps. Mail check to Dominick Rinaldi Sr., 7 Norridgewock Ave., Skowhegan Maine 04976. Phone 207 474 6339 or (03/02/20)

  29. Cross Ram Balance Tube Hoses
    1 rebuilt carburetor Carter 2903S, 1 rebuilt carburetor Carter 2903. 1 rust free right side door for 300G or New Yorker. 1 set of drip edge mouldings in real good shape. I have a lot of mouldings for the inside and outside mostly for 300G, some for New Yorker. I also have a lot of door parts, dash parts, switches, rear glass and rear quarter glass.  Many more parts too many to list. Please call Bob Dotta 610-554-9001.  (03/23/20)

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