revised June 24, 2017

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  1. WANTED: 1957-59 Mopar convert roof trim. I need the leading edge 3 wide pieces that move with the roof. Contact John Grady at (01/16/17)

  2. WANTED: I need a pair of 3505S carburetors, air cleaners for a Ram K and a distributor. I also need the support plates for the ram exhaust manifolds and the left side heat shield for the motor mount. I am also looking for, four original 64, 300 hub caps and four 15 hub caps from a G, H or J. Please no scrapes on the hubcaps or dents of any kind. Lastly I am looking for the right side mirror wedge block for a 1963 or 64 Chrysler. The right side mirrors were a dealer installed option, so they are rare. Please call me 519-728-2289 or e-mail me at work, (02/01/17)

  3. WANTED: Long side window seals for 1961 New Yorker station wagon also rear wagon door 3-piece chrome trim set. Please contact Larry via email (03/23/17)

  4. WANTED: Hurst Hood. Willing to pay up $1000.00 depending on condition. Please contact via email (04/20/17)

  5. WANTED: New member Gary Schneider (no computer) would like his name, address and phone distributed to ask for help with exterior or interior trim parts or info for how to find them for his 1966 300 convertible with manual transmission. (Lefty reports 3 on the tree). Contact Gary Schneider, 1105 Hermitage La., Hoffman Estates IL 60169. Phones: 847-519-0770, 630-306-8626 (06/24/17)

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