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  1. WANTED: New member Gary Schneider (no computer) would like his name, address and phone distributed to ask for help with exterior or interior trim parts or info for how to find them for his 1966 300 convertible with manual transmission. (Lefty reports 3 on the tree). Contact Gary Schneider, 1105 Hermitage La., Hoffman Estates IL 60169. Phones: 847-519-0770, 630-306-8626 (06/24/17)

  2. WANTED: Iím looking for a tail light bezel for a 1962 Chrysler 300. Contact Lance Lorfeld at (07/04/17)

  3. WANTED: For my 300G I need the rear body panel molding that goes between the R & L tail lamps. It is just below the trunk cylinder and It is 57" long, Chrysler part # 2240902. New would be nice but I will consider a used one as long as it has not been run over by a truck! Contact Dominick Rinaldi at (07/04/17)

  4. WANTED: Electric window parts (controls, tracks etc) for any Mopar coupe from 59-62 . All these parts for my 62H disappeared somewhere along the line during a lengthy restoration. Does anyone know of a junker somewhere out there that might still have itsí window parts? Contact Michael Corrigan 805-570-0866- or email (07/04/17)

  5. WANTED:
    300 Front Fender Emblem for my 64 Chrysler 300. Contact Eric Brandt at email (10/07/17)

  6. WANTED: 1957-59 Mopar convert roof trim. I need the leading edge 3 wide pieces that move with the roof. Contact John Grady at (10/07/17)

  7. WANTED: 1956 300B Rear Fender Emblem - Right Side. Emblem restoration / repair service reference would be appreciated, also. Contact Stephen at (11/02/17)

  8. WANTED: I am putting a console/shifter where my centre armrest was. Converting the column shift to the centre shift means I wont need the column shifter any longer so I am looking for the piece to replace the part where the column shifter was. That would be the part from a 66--68 300 non column shift, ideally in 50 year old white paint! But I will buy any part to restore. Name your price. Thanks - email Allen at (11/15/17)

  9. WANTED: I need a nice pair of wind vent frames for a Ď57 convertible. Also, a power window regulator and motor for the left rear window. Email (12/23/17)

  10. WANTED: 1962 Chrysler 300H interior seats, door panels, console anything you may have. Thanks Ron 425 219 3663. Email (01/30/18)

  11. WANTED: 1960 Chrysler 300F interior parts, seats door panels, etc. Thank you Ron 425 219 3663. Email (01/30/18)

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