My Story: the Short Version

by Jack R. Rose

I was raised on Chrysler products during my junior high and high school days in the fifties. My dad taught me as a teenager about cars and we worked on many together. My first car was a '57 Plymouth Fury with a three speed manual transmission. I would later own a '58 and '59 Fury. After high school graduation, I purchased a two year old 1960 Dodge with a 383 and ram induction. I would love to have any of those cars back!

I had only owned the Dodge a very short time, when my Dad discovered a 1956 300B at a dealership. I had always wanted a Letter car, so the Dodge was sold and the "B" entered my life. I owned the '56 300B until the summer of 1965. I found a lovely 1960 white 300F. I had to have this car. I reluctantly parted with my "B", but now the "F" was in the garage.

But a strange thing happened to this love affair. In the fall of 1966 my first son was born. The problem was the rear bucket seats: no one made any child beds or seats that would fit in my car. Now a family man, it was clear that the "F" would have to go. I sold it for about $2,500, knowing full well that if I could only store this car, that someday.... alas, it was my last year of college, a new baby, no money.... a story many could tell.

For the past twenty years my wife (second marriage) has had to listen to the story of the "F" that got away. So when I saw this "G" for sale, she said: "Go for it!"

I purchased my "G" from the nephew of the original owner, so the car has been in one family and well loved. Actually, I sat with him (he was moving out of the country) for over an hour as he told me stories of the "G" and his family. I have all the original documents: build slip, window sticker, showroom brochures, etc...

This is a totally unrestored, 96.000 mile car, except for repainting and replacement of the seat inserts. The previous owner actually purchased an entire interior set from Gary Goers and took it all apart just for the cushion inserts! The outer edges were ordered in black from the factory with the tan inserts, and are still in excellent condition.

Factory air, all power - everything works! As an aside, my youngest son has never seen "just" an AM radio and wondered why it had to warm up! Not a dent to be seen, chrome in great shape, even the badges are in good condition after 38 years.

Now about the paint.... the original owner was a Rolls Royce dealer. He had the white "G" repainted at his dealership, Regal Red - a Rolls Royce color. It was repainted again in 1997. It may not be original, but it is a stunning color, and beautiful to see.

I took the ram induction off: even in the sixties I could never keep the carbs in balance. Maybe I wasn't skilled enough.... I had the valve seats hardened for unleaded, put on a four-barrel and, trust me, she still moves!

Jack Rose