Revised 09/19/23

Ads run for 6 months and may be renewed any time.
Ads are removed without notice at the end of 6 months if not renewed.
  1. WANTED: 1955 Chrysler 300. Red or white. The ideal candidate is an older restoration that needs freshening. Mark Becker, 904 635 3548 (03/30/23)

  2. Hello all, we’re looking for a 300G to fill an empty spot in my garage. I’m no stranger to making a diamond in the rough run sweet and sparkle again. With that in mind an affordable #2 or 3 car would be awesome but a 4 car would be worth a look see. We live in Central Point Oregon and have access to a trailer. Hopefully there’s a club member who wants to help us fill our garage's empty spot with a “Beautiful Brute”. Thank you for your consideration. Chris and Mary at . (06/16/23)

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