Revised 06/03/21

Ads run for 6 months and may be renewed any time.
Ads are removed without notice at the end of 6 months if not renewed.
  1. Wanted. I am interested in buying a Letter Car convertible, 1957-1961 in any condition. Please send an email to PT at, or call at 0046-705-290334. (01/17/21)

  2. Wanted - F or G Coupe. Must have AC. Driver quality, not a show car. Contact Charlie at 662-803-4595 or email (01/18/21)

  3. Wanted - I'm looking to purchase a show quality HT 300C or 300D or 300F. Contact Larry Casey email (04/26/21)

  4. Wanted - 300F. Preferably restored, coupe or convertible. Contact Michael Alexander at email or 786-266-4015 (04/29/21)

  5. Wanted 1962 300 Sport's Coupe or 300H in no less than a 2+ condition ~ show quality, preferably restored, coupe or convertible. Contact Tom at email or 305.968.1005. (06/03/21)

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