Caption Contest Winners

"Cat on a hot tin coupe"
Louis M. Barrie

"The guy who sold me this heap told me I could pick up a lot of chicks with it. Where are they? I'M HUNGRY!"
Dave Werner

"I got the side window cleared, now let me clear a little hole on the windshield and we can go to town."
Ray Jones

"And on the 57th day God, in all his wisdom, created the Chrysler 300C, and smiling from above said, 'It is good'."
Randy Guyer

"Cool...this the same height it will be once the 4-wheel drive unit is bolted on with the big tires......."
Rusty Roe

"Got the primering done.....plenty of sanding scheduled for this spring!"
Larry Jett

Caption Contest Winners (tie)
"The original 300-C" Michael Hornstein
"Short Croc-Ram Induction!" Rob Kern

"My mother-in-law getting ready to go shopping."
Jerry Lindsay

"Check out my curb feeler collection."
Mark Souders

I can hear the Kenworth grumbling:
"Damned High Flyin' Chryslers git all the perks..."
Phil Irish

"You gotta hit absolute bottom
before you start that upward climb again! "
Phil Irish

"1957 Chrysler once owned by Judy Garland"
Ed Itor

Just say "AHHHH"
Larry Jett

"Nothing like crossrams for low end torque."
Andy Mikonis

too CooL Lab's
Mike Laiserin