Chryslers at Carlisle 2016

Gloria Moon sent this series of photos

300C and 300F of Herb and Mike McCandless

Jonathan & John Peabody brought the white C-300.

Chris Anselmi brought his black C-300 which took 1st place in the division.

Charlie Valentine brought his 62-200 convert.

Dan & Diana Roy brought their turquoise 300D (2nd place), John Plosila brought his maroon K convert, Ralph Rhees brought his 70-300 convert and Allan & Gloria Moon brought their white F (3rd place).

Mick Kreszock brought his 56 wagon which scored 3 awards, 2 of which were Celebrity Picks.

All the cars were driven.

Al Vannice's C-300 brakes kept the car home, but not Al.

Same story with Jeff & Dee Miklas' 300C.

Alan Alkus, Paul Wimmer, Jamie Hyde, Spanky Cox, Jim Rockey, Jim Wine, John Begian, Nancy Kramer, Rob Augliera (with pics of his "new" 300G) Paul & Cindy Holmgren, PJ Ehmann, and Howard Stoll all were at the tent at one time or another.

Of interest was the real 1970 Hurst convertible in one of the buildings.

Its owner from 1973, Ted Dillard, dropped by too. There was also a Hurst for sale in the Car Corral for $44,000.

It was still there Sunday. (Anyone get the VIN?)