Asheville, NC Spring Meet May 2006


What could be more picturesque that Asheville, NC in the month of May. And what could be better than to gather a group of Letter 300s to enhance the scenery. That's just what we did from May 17 - 21, 2006 at the gathering of the Chrysler 300 Club International's spring meet. We drove together, lunched together, toured a motorcycle museum together, toured the famous Biltmore Mansion together and just had a good old time with friends old and new. Now through the magic of our website, enjoy the meet in the comfort of your home through the many pictures taken by a number of people during the course of the meet. Just click on the various categories below and enjoy the pictures.

photo credits: Don Verity; Elizabeth Weiland; Tony Rinaldi; Jeff Miklas; Gil Cunningham; Rob Kern; Bonnie Geise; John Hertog; Matts Wignell; Ray Jones

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