Fall Meet 2003 - Dayton, OH - September 3 - 7, 2003

Our Fall 2003 meet took place in Dayton, OH. The host hotel was the Dayton Marriott. Accommodations were first-rate. Activities at the meet included visits to a local drag strip, the Air Force Museum, the Wright Brothers complex, and a local park for the concours. It was a most appropriate year for the visit to Dayton because of the celebration of 100 years of flight. The collection of pictures accessed below will give you an inside look at the meet. Just click on the selections in the menu below. If you attended the meet, you know what a good time was had by all. If you were unable to be there, take some time to enjoy the pictures.

Photo Credits Thanks to the following for their photo contributions:
Lindsey Fuller, Ron Harrison, Ed Hermes, John Hertog, Paul Holmgren, and Rob Kern