May 12-15, 2010


Welcome to the pictorial report of our Spring 2010 Meet in Front Royal, VA.

Through the contributions of several of our members, we have a large selection of pictures taken of the events at the meet. The Meet included a tour of the beautiful Luray Caverns, a barbecue in Front Royal, the car show in town, and the banquet. All were captured by the photographers. If you did not attend the meet, we hope you can enjoy the event through the pictures. If you were there, it will enable you to step back and visit it all over again. And you might even spot a friend or two in the pictures.

We thank the following people for providing pictures taken during the meet:

Carol Cunningham, Noel Hastalis, Phil Irish, Ray Jones, Rob Kern, Bob Merritt, Jeff Miklas, Gloria Moon, Gary Runkle, Carlton Schroeder and Don Warnaar


George and Linda Glavis


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