September 10-13, 2008

Welcome to Maine

Welcome to the pictorial report of our Fall 2008 Meet in Boothbay Harbor, ME. Our hosts, Doug and Susan Mayer, and Bill and Ann Rust, provided us with a first class time to gather with our cars and friends. The hotel overlooked Boothbay Harbor, which offered spectacular views of the various boats, shimmering water and glorious background scenes. The activities included a relaxing time to enjoy boat rides, scenic drives, and just plain good eating at the various restaurants in the area. Now sit back and enjoy a scenic tour of the people and places of our 2008 Fall Meet.

We thank the following people for providing pictures taken during the meet:

John Cote, Tom Cox, Wayne"Spanky"Cox, Paul Holmgren, RJ Kern, Rob Kern, Doug Mayer, Gloria Moon, Larry Nirenberg, Matt Ostrowski, Tony Rinaldi, Carlton Schroeder, John Skeggs, and Don Warnaar

Somewhere in New Hampshire on the way to Maine

Maine at Last


Doug Mayer

Bill and Ann Rust

CLICK HERE for pictures of people at the meet.