Chrysler 300 Club International
Spring Meet in Mystic, Connecticut
June 11-14, 2014

The 44th Annual Spring Meet was held in Mystic, Connecticut. The host hotel was the Quality Inn in Mystic. The entire hotel staff could not have been more helpful and cordial. The hospitality room and complimentary breakfast were conveniently located for all to enjoy. The awards banquet was also on the premises and featured a wonderful selection of food.

On Thursday, the attendees visited the Submarine Force Museum with a tour of the Nautilus, America's first nuclear powered submarine. It was an opportunity not to be missed, but watch out for the headroom and tight quarters. To have been a crew member was indeed a challenging, but also exciting, experience.

Friday provided time for a variety of activities touring the Mystic Seaport area. The Business Meeting took place at 8:00 PM.

Saturday featured the car show at Old Mystic Village. Wonderful setting and perfect weather. Many visitors to the Village were given the extra treat to see our Beautiful Brutes on display. It was a beautiful setting for the 50th anniversary of the 1964 300K and there were many on display.

Meet Hosts, Don and Pat Cole, did a wonderful job of making our 44th Annual Spring Meet a special time for all who attended. Many thanks for all their efforts.

Dave Clelland with meet host Don Cole

300F of Jean-Yves Chouinard and 300L of Doug Mayer
in Maine as they head for Mystic

The Mystic Meet Captured in Pictures
Cars People Scenes Events Video

Photo and video credits: Linda Burke, Jean-Yves Chouinard, Dave Clelland, Mike Falcone,
Noel Hastalis, Martha and Mick Kreszock, David Larsen, Greg Leggatt, Doug Mayer, Bob Merritt, Allan and Gloria Moon, Ron Waters.

Jerry Kocur in his 1964 300K convertible as he starts on his second 500,000 miles with this car.

From 1984, Jerry Kocur with his 300K at Harper's Ferry, WV. Don Warnaar is on the right.
It was the 15th meet that Jerry drove his 300K to a Club Meet.

Jerry attended his first meet in 1977 at Mt. Pocono, PA and since that time he has attended 51 meets, all but one in his 300K which he bought new. He drove his 1973 Dodge Challenger, also bought new, to one meet. He still owns both cars. His 300K has the distinction of the Letter Car that has been driven to the most meets. From what we can tell, that record will stand for many years to come. And how appropriate that he drove his 300K on its 50th anniversary to 50 meets

Ironically, Jerry and Don are presently the only two Club Members who bought their cars new and still own them. Of course there is a slight difference in the mileage of each of those cars. Jerry's 300K has over 500.000 miles on it. Don's 300L has only 58,000 miles on it. But what is a mere extra zero in the count?

The following are some of the emails received from people attending the meet.

I just returned from the Mystic meet, my first in about 15 years; since I sold my 57C. I had a fabulous time. Many thanks to Don & Pat Cole for hosting and selecting a great location and a great hotel. I got to make some new friends and Louise & I were warmly received by many old and dear friends. If you throw in the chance to oggle 22 letter cars; well it doesn't get any better. Two things are now a certainty. God willing, this won't be my last meet and there will be a letter car in my future.
Bill Elder

Anne and I enjoyed ourselves as well. Great representation of cars for the show, and some new people as well. Its always fun to see all of you at these gatherings. Sometimes its as if we just pick up the conversation where we left it at the last meet. In any event, thanks a bunch to Don and Pat for putting on another memorable meet.
Pete Fitch

I had a great time at the meet. I am a new member and this was the first meet that I have attended. I wanted to thank everyone for be so nice. You all made me feel like I was part of the group. I will definitely be going to more meets in the future.
Thanks again.
Mike Falcone 300G

Man ! The meets just keep getting better and better. This was our third meet, and again we were impressed by the quality of the cars, but more so by the quality of the 300 Club, Intl people.
Also, a big thumbs up to Don and Pat Cole for putting together such a terrific event.
I guess we'll be back. . .
Caroll and Bonnie Ripley

Thank You Don and Pat for a great meet.
The trip back to Maine in the 300L was uneventful, until we got to the home county, where all the power was off. That gave me an opportunity to take a nap. When the power came back on, I did place the "First Place" plaque on the show shelf in the living room. After all, Herself was gone, and I took the opportunity to admire it.
Herself arrived home today, and noted the 1st place on the show shelf. She was unkind enough to ask about the competition. It must have been about 5 minutes later that she suggested the thing will look really good in the barn--that I might want to get it down there quickly.
So, thanks for a great meet. My grandfather had a great time. It is always good to visit with so many of you. And for that I give thanks.
300L ly, Doug Mayer Northport, Maine

Thanks to Don and Pat for hosting a wonderful Meet in a beautiful setting.
Great 2236-mile trouble free drive in the F - averaged 12.5+ mpg total, and 13+ mpg cruising on the interstates @ 3000 rpm. My wife even enjoyed the ride! With Andy's and Carol's beautiful G, we had pretty good Chicago "300" representation. And special thanks to Don Verity for tweaking my carbs - cold and hot idles couldn't be better!
Noel Hastalis F coupe Burr Ridge (Chicago), IL

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