Chrysler 300 Club International
43rd Annual Spring Meet
June 11 - 14, 2014

Don and Pat Cole - Meet Hosts

The weather couldn't dampen the spirit of a Chrysler 300 Club International, Inc. meet in June of this year. We had cars and members that came in before and stayed after our meet to enjoy the beautiful and historic area around Mystic Connecticut. The New England weather is awfully tough to depend on. We had enough sun and with a little rain mixed in to make it a great time.

Wednesday, after a day of registrations, some of us decided to go to Mystic Pizza for what else but beer and you guessed it pizza. The movie of the same name as the establishment ran continuously on a constant loop while we enjoyed the food and service.

On Thursday the club members went on a tour of the Submarine Force Museum in Groton Connecticut which was a free walk through museum showing the history of the submarine from inception to the ultra sleek nuclear and stealthy subs of present times. The highlight of the museum is that the Nautilus is dry docked there for people to go aboard and see how the crew lived. They had torpedoes from WWI and WWII with cut aways so that you could see how they were guided to their targets. The rest of the day was left to explore on your own.

Friday we didn't plan any activities. The members could shop, go to the casinos or just take in the sights and have a great time. We had an optional two hour road tour that our fellow club member Matt Ostrowski planned. Kudos to Matt for taking the time away from his opening another location for his business that very week. We were riding with the Burkes on the driving tour that actually went through two states (Rhode Island and Connecticut) and ended up at Abbott's Lobster in the Rough for a wonderful lobster sandwich!
Later that night we had our usual Business meeting from 8 - 10.

Saturday we headed out from the hotel to “OLDE MISTICK VILAGE” where we displayed our “BEAUTIFUL BRUTES” for all to see and enjoy. We had some cars that showed up that were not registered for the meet and it was a glorious day. The members were to pick their “Peoples Choice” in all the categories.

Martha Kreszock's K underwent some minor repairs when a bad u joint reared its ugly head. Thanks to my brother (because he owns a K) Dave Dumais who grew up in the area and had many friends that had the tools and were willing to help make the car safe so that Mick and Martha could make it safely back to North Carolina.

Later that evening we held our banquet and awards.

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