Spring Meet 2002 - Newport, Rhode Island

Chrysler 300s overlooking Narragansett Bay
On a Clear Day in May
A Picture Perfect Day - In Fact, Letter Perfect!

We were welcomed indeed as we attended the 2002 spring meet. Meet Host, Don Verity, planned a wonderful meet for all who attended. On Friday, there were two choices for activities. The real car fanatics were able to go junkyarding at a local yard that had a treasure of old Mopars. The more genteel among us opted to tour the mansions. Newport is famous as the summer home to the rich and famous. In that pre-income tax era, the Vanderbilts and others built their summer "cottages" along the ocean front. To say they were opulent is an understatement. They were lavish to the extreme. The tours were great.

We will be adding more pictures and descriptions in the near future, but for now you may see a large sampling of the car show at Fort Adams State Park and the individual cars represented at the show. Just click on the links below. 40 Chryslers attended our meet, 39 of which were 300's ( John Cote's cool 1961 Newport wagon being the exception) and 37 of which were letter cars. These figures exclude Ray Smith's 68 300 convert. that was parked away from our group at the Fort Adams show ( a friend of Don Verity's who just came for the show on that day and did not attend our meet) . We can also be proud of the fact that at least one example of EACH MODEL YEAR 300 Letter Series car came to the meet ! All years were represented !

A large thank you to Don Verity for the great meet. He even arranged for the good weather. Now that is the mark of a great host.

  • Pictures from the hotel parking lot : click HERE !
  • Pictures from the show at Fort Adams : click HERE !
  • Individual pictures of each car at the show : click HERE !
  • Meet pictures taken by Bob Merritt : click HERE !
  • Meet pictures taken by Don Warnaar : click HERE !
  • Meet pictures taken by Ron Waters : click HERE !

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