June 7 -11, 2000
Our 60th Meet!

photo credits: John Hertog.

Page 2 of this report shows more pictures of the meet, including shots of the action at Keystone Raceway.


Keystone Raceway had some original muscle cars on the track.

Jack and MarLou Wiltse's 300D gets ready to roll.

Don Verity's G and Michael Burke's F are moving on down the track.

The spectators watch the action.

Two 300Ls get ready for their launch - John Hertog's on the left and Frank Driscoll's on the right.

Here they are again from the rear view.
That's the view most people see of 300s.

Don Verity's white G and Pete Fitch's cinnamon G get ready to run.

Our car show on Saturday took place on a beautiful grassy field with bright sunshine.
Chrysler brought a new 300M and PT Cruiser to the show.

Another view of the show.

Our club's "family reunion" ended with the banquet on Saturday night.

Surprise awards of appreciation were given to two members of our Electronics Communications Committee (ECC). The members of the ECC maintain our website and e-mail listserver.

Club Vice-President, George Riehl, is shown giving an award to Bob Merritt.

George Riehl gives the award to Don Warnaar, Chairman of the ECC and Club President.

The third member of the committee, John Hertog, was previously given an award for his work as an member of the ECC.

Just had to show that parking lot again. This time in full panoramic view.

As usual, a great time was had by all. We now look forward to our fall meet in Williamsburg, VA.

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