Chrysler 300 Club International
Fall Meet in Pittsburgh, PA
August 17-19, 1989

Billy Korbel, Bill Worden, Candy Bryant, Eleanor Riehl

Jeff’s 1967 Hemi B-bodies

Billy Korbel, Gay Winegar, Eleanor Riehl, Jim Krausmann, Bill Worden

George Riehl looking for a place to park

"Where is everbody?"

Bill Elder washes his K convertible

Sue & Brian Jewhurst, Don Rook, Rene Kroeger, Mark Rayner, Tom Turner

Vern Graber's K

Val Jeffers' G

300C of Bill Spear

300E convertible of Al Vannice

C300 owned by Dick Shelar

300H cvt owned by Ron Wenger

Under the hood of the C300 owned by Jeff Diehl

300 Hurst owned by Roman Robaszewski

Bill Elder and George Riehl

Photos by Bill Elder

1989 Fall Meet, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
by Justin Miklas (age 9)

It all started when Don and Pat Cole showed up at our door one week before the meet. Don hung around all week and helped organize. Thursday was awesome! Tons of classic cars parked in my yard. Someone even did a burnout up my driveway – twice. Get real you may say. Wrong! George Riehl. Everyone was invited and we had tons of food. Plus, all the kids had a mega-awesome time.
Friday was the judge’s meeting, but mostly standing around waiting for arrivals. That night was a business meeting that was not for me.
Saturday dawned pouring. Bogus! Wait a minute, why do I care? We have a drive through shelter and by noon it cleared up for outdoor activities. The banquet at Michelle’s was superb. Too bad we gave the wrong directions. “Bummer!” To our expectancy, it rained Saturday night. Sunday was warm and sunny. The meet was over but we had all of the leftover food for all the leftover people. We had great cruises planned for both nights. Darn, it rained. As the dash plaque said, - Pittsburgh – America’s most liveable city – it forgot to mention, only if you are a duck.
P.S. – I pity anyone who washed their cars.

19th Annual Fall Meet Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
by Jeff and Leslie Miklas

What more can we say? Thanks for coming. The lack of planned activities was deliberate. This was to be a totally laid-back beer and bullshit weekend. Some folks kindly even voiced their approval. The sights and sounds of Pittsburgh and the numerous facilities of South Park were there to enjoy at anyone’s leisure.

Our meet hotel was in close proximity to Pittsburgh’s largest “cruise area”. We had hoped to “cruise the park” both Friday and Saturday night, but naturally, it poured with a vengeance. Our 1982 meet was in the Spring and it poured, so we got smart and scheduled this meet in the Fall – and it poured. Tell you anything about Pittsburgh?

One unplanned activity that became quite popular was that age-old favorite “getting lost”! Yes, meet hosts did give the wrong directions! Some of the die-hard members, with an enthusiasm fueled only by the thrill of the unknown, actually thrived on their efforts and energies expended to finally find the banquet; however, … some did not.

We had a great time, seeing old faces and new. In quantity, the turnout was very poor for a club this size, but it was quality.

Special thanks to George Riehl for resurfacing our driveway Thursday night! It’s been a good six weeks since the meet and the new rubber surface has not dulled a bit.

Thanks also to Gil Cunningham. He not only washed down our driveway on Sunday with anti-freeze, he even resealed it with a good amount of rear axle lube.


Letter 300s at the Meet

C300: Jeff Diehl, Dick Shelar; 300B: Ron Berkheimer; 300C: Bruce Brownell, Scott Kettering, Jeff Miklas (cvt), Bill Spear; 300D: none; 300E: Al Vannice; 300F: Mike Burke; 300G: Gabe Knapp, Val Jeffers, Billy Korbel, John Rebolj; 300H: Candy Bryant, Bob Crawford, Gil Cunningham (cvt), Ron Wenger (cvt); 300J: George Riehl; 300K: Jerry Kocur (cvt), Ray Clark, Vern Graber, Bill Elder (cvt); 300L: Lew Fraser, Jeff Miklas (cvt);
Hurst: Ray Jones, Allan Moon, John Pflugfelder, Roman Robaszewski.

Concours d’Elegance

Senior Division

1st Place Vern Graber 300K 832.5 points

Junior Division
Class I

Dick Shelar C300 650 points

Jeff Diehl C300 517 points

Class II

2nd Place Albert Vannice 300E cvt 782 points

3rd Place William Spear 300C 762 points

Class III

1st Place Billy Korbel 300G 884.25 points

2nd Place Val Jeffers 300G 790 points

3rd Place Rod Wenger 300H cvt 776 points

Class IV

1st Place Bill Elder 300K cvt 870.25 points


1st Place Roman Robaszewski 869 points

3rd Place Ray Jones 703 points

People’s Choice Bill Elder – 300K cvt

Long distance Gil Cunningham – 300H cvt – 966 miles, Tallahassee, Florida

Hard Luck Gabe Knapp – 300G – distributor problems, towed in

Thanks to Bill Elder for typing this article for the web