Chrysler 300 Club International
Fall Meet in Chardon, Ohio
September 15 - 18, 1993

Bob Crawford's H

Louise Elder, Bob Crawford, Marilyn Cornfoot, Bev Spear, John Cornfoot

Marge & Adolph Rebolj, George Riehl

Gathering at the Spear garage

Barbara Meilander G convertible, Gabe Knapp G coupe

Bob Crawford's H

Gabe Knapp and his G

Gabe Knapp, Jim & Karen Birr, Pat Cole, Marilyn Cornfoot, JoAnn & Ray Jones

Matt Holmberg, Jerry Kocur, Don Cole, Vern Graber

Bob Cornett's special order C

? and Gil Cunningham

300D of Jim Powers

Bob Crawford, Ray Jones

300D of Bob Hayes

Jeff Miklas, Don Cole, Al Vannice, Bill Allen

Linda Burke, Ken Mack, Allan Moon, Ann Mack

300G of Ken Mack

Terry McTaggart, Bob Merritt, Jerry Kocur

Don Cole, Carol Cunningham, Ray Jones

300 E convertible of Al Vannice

Bev & Bill Spear, our meet hosts

George Riehl and Gil Cunningham, up to no good

Ed & Angie Phillips, Bob Merritt, Bob Cornett, Bob Hayes

Mike Burke, Andy Mikonis, Ann & Ken Mack, Rene & Doneene Kroeger

Tom & Bea Gorse

Eleanor Riehl, Mike and Kay Craw, ?

Matt Holmberg, Gabe Knapp, Adolph and John Rebolj, ?, Jerry Kocur

Dee & Jeff Miklas, Pat & Don Cole, Al Vannice, Terry McTaggart

? ? ? Bill Allen, Gil & Carol Cunningham

Photos by Bill Elder
23rd Annual Fall Meet – Chardon, Ohio
by Bev and Bill Spear

The fall meet of the Chrysler 300 Club International took place in Chardon, Ohio. The events of the week started out with a cook-out at the Spear home. The names and faces in this story have been changed at times to protect the INCIDENTS! In other words, you may not recognize this to be written exactly as you remember!

Wednesday evening brought approximately 25 people from as far south as Florida, west as far as Texas, east as far as Maryland and north as far as Canada. It just goes to show you how far people will go for free food! As the evening went by, there were rumors of car trouble. The trouble was that a certain couple tried to ditch their car so they could get the “coveted” Hard Luck Award – Thou shalt not covet the “Hard Luck Award”! The Moons arrived late sporting an old fan blade, obviously taken from a dump in Boston. Can anyone believe that story? We all humored them and let them stay at the party anyway. The party broke up around 10:30 after a trip to “Bill’s Barn” and a “House Tour”, then everyone retired to the Helmsley Estate (better known as the Harley Hotel) in Willoughby Hills.

Thursday was a new day – the keg arrived, along with new people. T-shirts began to appear sporting the club logo and Chardon, Ohio imprinted on them. The Craws arrived (the ones that bought the convenience store). You know the ones – he now carries his own gas in the trunk and she’s the one with no fingernails! Kay Craw stitched and scratched for four solid days. Every time you saw her, she was stitching and scratching. Wouldn’t you think that someone would be kind enough to tell this lady about soap and water? George lead a car full to tour the west side of Cleveland and of course look up some old girlfriends. Very old! He took Carol along to see the “Flats” but didn’t dare let her out. Gil took notes and worked up Eleanor’s genealogy. By the time they got back some of the couples had left to tour the Amish country and to the Swiss Cheese House and the Canadian bunch headed for the hotel pool. Incidentally, the Kroegers arrived hoping to win “Wreck of the Week” award! As the day went on, the hospitality room filled up with new faces and the hotel provided a lovely snack tray. The evening turned into an educational experience of sorts – with Andy Mikonis and a select few women learning about adverbs and adjectives,until 3:00 in the morning. They would have stayed longer, but the beer ran out!

Friday morning brought out the beast in most people especially at 9:30. “Who’s idea was it to leave so early?” roared Michael Burke! We told him he wasn’t invited anyway and to go back to bed! Off the caravan rolled to the Crawford Auto Museum. The trip was uneventful as we all arrived together. You see, we kept old “lead-foot” George at the back of the pack so we didn’t have to drive at 125 MPH! The club was warmly welcomed and given two lovely reference books. Upon arriving back at the hotel, there was terror in the hearts of men – NO MORE BEER! Bill Spear was persuaded to give up the keys to the truck, if he was given enough points to get 1st place. It must have worked because the tap was flowing again in no time. The Macks arrived late because of the wife’s Harley Davidson Meeting – you know her, she’s the one with the shiny black jacket and the tattoo on her ……..!

The Friday business meeting was held to a record two hours and well attended. Gil held his first meeting as President Pro-Tem. George was told to sit down only three times. Later, down in the hospitality room, more stories were swapped until 6:00 in the morning. Someone should have known that the Rooks were still on Arkansas time!

Saturday was Concours at the park in Chardon. Coffee and doughnuts were set up in the log cabin – and the moaning and groaning began. While the cars were being judged, some of the woman went shopping while the Spears held more house tours! It was said that Bev made more money on the house tours than Eleanor made selling t-shirts! But then, Eleanor reserved a seat at the log cabin. She had a case of the flu!

At 6:30, cocktails were served in the banquet room. Did you all see Andy’s tie? Gloria should have hooked a rug out of it, along with Carol’s dress. You know the one she kept pulling over her head! Door prizes were the hit of the evening. I even saw some swapping going on. Marilyn finally got the bag of apples while some blonde was whining in the corner about a popcorn can. Ann Mack flipped over a free nights lodging and Miklas stopped begging long enough to win $50! A good time was had by all!

Through the four days, there was still a void. The absence of the Wiltses was felt. Our thoughts and best wishes, go out to the family. We hope for a speedy recovery for Tom Turner’s son, who was injured in an accident just before Tom was to leave for the trip here. Good-byes were said on Sunday. See you all in the spring were the parting words.

Your Host and Hostess Bev and Bill

P.S.: Now that I have roasted everyone quite sufficiently, the envelope please … and the winners are:

Concours d’Elegance

Junior Division

Class II

1st Place Bill Spear 300C coupe 854 points

3rd Place Al Vannice 300E convert 720 points

Ribbon Robert Cornet 300C coupe 550 points

Class III

3rd Place Gabe Knapp 300G coupe 734.25 points

Class IV

Ribbon Doug Johnston 300L convert 588 points


2nd Place Adolph Rebolj 300 Hurst 769 points

3rd Place Roman Robaszewski 300 Hurst 697.5 points

People’s Choice – Don Cole, 300K (convert)

Hard Luck – Allan Moon, 300 Hurst, fan through radiator on turnpike

Long distance – Jerry Kocur, 300K convert, 625 miles from Douglas, Massachusetts

300s at Chardon
300C: Bob Cornet, Bill Spear
300D: Bob Hays, Jim Powers (F.I.)
300E: Al Vannice (convert)
300F: Michael Burke
300G: Gabe Knapp, Ken Mack, Barbara Meilander (convert), Andy Mikonis, John Rebolj
300H: Bob Crawford, Ed Philips (convert)
300J: George Riehl, Robert Young
300K: Jerry Kocur (cvt), Don Cole (cvt), Vern Graber, Marlin Thyer, Bill Elder (cvt)
300L: Mike Craw (cvt), Doug Johnston (cvt)
Hurst: Roman Robaszewski, Ron Iacovone, Ray Jones, Jeff Miklas, Allan Moon, Howard Stoll, Adolph Rebolj
1962: Gary Hitchens (3 speed)
1963: Mark Rayner
1965: Dana Schuessler
1970: Frank Cox
Other Mopars: ’33 Chrysler (trailered), Rene Kroeger; ’58 Dodge, Mark Yarnell; ’63 Imperial, Bob Merritt; Superbird/Daytona ?, Joel Cox

Thanks to Bill Elder for typing this article for the web