Chrysler 300 Club International
Fall Meet in Kerrville, TX
August 8 - 11, 1992

Louise Elder, Andrea Krausmann

Is that Rene Kroeger working on Bob Linnenburger's 55?

300B of Phil Irish

300F, Dave Schwandt

George & Eleanor Riehl, Carol Cunningham

George & Eleanor Riehl

Photos by Bill Elder

22nd Annual Fall Meet, Kerrville, Texas
by Marilyn and John Cornfoot


Traditionally national meets begin on Thursday and end on Sunday; however, the Texas meet was not going to be according to tradition. We wanted city folks to have a taste of the country spirit of cowboys as well as enjoy the scenic backroads of the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Wednesday: the meet officially began with a get together at the ranch on Wednesday afternoon. We greeted our guests and took care of the registration. Eleanor is usually in charge of registration, however since George and Eleanor flew and arrived later in the afternoon, it became our responsibility. A person doesn’t realize all the work that Eleanor does until you share some of her duties. Guests started arriving around 2:00 o’clock and did not let up until 7:00 pm. We visited, snacked, admired and photographed 300s, met some new members and generally had a great time! Bev and Bill Spear were kind enough to bring some delicious northern apples for us to enjoy.

Later that evening the crowd toured over to Bandera, the “Cowboy Capital of the World”. Arkey Blue’s Silver Dollar Saloon, with its worn wooden stairs lead guest to an authentic Texas honkey tonk, complete with Lone Star longnecks and a sawdust covered dance floor. Everyone enjoyed the country and western music of Dusty Britches and the Rhythm Ranch Hands and went boot scootin’ with their favorite partner.

Thursday: The agenda in the tour book guided the Brutes through Comfort with the blue green waters of the Guadeloupe River and the old abandoned railroad tunnel and trestle bridge, Luckenbach – the quaint town made famous by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson and the authentically restored 1800s German town of Fredericksburg, famous for shopping and antiquing. Most took part in the tour while others enjoyed the usual socializing in the parking lot at the Y.O. among the Beautiful Brutes.

Later that afternoon, we enjoyed visiting Rich Atwell’s Classic Auto and Wax Museum. Rich was kind enough to guide the tour, answering questions and explaining the significance of each car and its history. The museum featured one of the original seven Chrysler Newport concept cars from the forties, as well as Rich’s C300s. In the evening we attended a Tex-Mex party poolside at the Y.O. complete with chips, salsa and unlimited margheritas.

Friday: We began the day with a photo session at the hotel, then caravanned over to Mooney Aircraft Manufacturing for a guide tour from drawing board to finished product – it was nice to see that genuine craftsmanship, still exists! From then on, it was get out the tour book to follow the hilly backroads that include Camp Verde General Store, lunch in Bandera, climbing the Texas Alps and stopping at Stonehenge II. In the evening the club conducted the business meeting with George turning over the presidency to Tom, information on new club projects and the introduction of new club officers. John presented George Riehl with an award from Bob Lutz, President of the new Chrysler Corporation, commemorating his efforts in serving the members of our club with his knowledge and dedication. Later on, we retired to the hospitality suites for more good talk and videos.

Saturday: The parking lot was filled with buckets of water and polishing rags as the 300s were prepared for the car show and concours judging. One by one 300s headed north for Fredericksburg – destination: Lady Bird Johnson Park. Between 300’s concours and otherwise local enthusiasts and a visit from the San Antonio Mopar Muscle Club, we displayed over 50 cars that sunny afternoon. The barbeque was great as over 85 people enjoyed delicious Texas brisket and sausage. There’s something to be said for having ram induced 413’s, HEMIS, even a 440 SIX PACK, tasty food and good friends all together in a beautiful park; we should do this more often!

When the sun set, the party began. The Alpine Lodge across the street from the Y.O. served as our banquet headquarters with more great food and awards. There were plenty of great door prizes with everyone’s favorite being the Chrysler 300 teddy bears. Elsewhere in this issue, you will read the report on judging, but its fair to say that Bob and Lavonne Linnenburger had the trunk and back seat full of winnings in their gorgeous ’55. Afterwards, it was back to the hospitality suites for more videos and chatter.

Sunday: Plans were for a farewell breakfast in the Sam Huston dining room, then we were going home to rest after the months of preparations. The first two went as planned, breakfast and going home; however, the party continued as about two dozen folks came back to the ranch for a little more visiting, pencil tracing some 300 V.I.N. numbers, buying and selling parts and lessons on the club’s new word processor. One thing led to another, most of us headed back to Bandera to check on a certain turquoise D and eat dinner at the Old Spanish Trail restaurant. I guess its fair to say that it cost Dave and Carolyn Schwandt a lot more then the rest of us that weekend. They’ve got a story to share with you about a find too good to turn down. After diner, we said our goodbyes and headed home.

Monday through Wednesday: Fortunately, today was a holiday as Dave had a car to get. We loaded up our pickup and trailer and headed back to Bandera again. Despite some faulty coil problems (on the pickup), we made it over and back, with Dave unloading the D a couple of miles from our home so he could exercise it on the backroads. What a smile on that man’s face!

It was now Tuesday and John had to go to work. He headed for Houston, leaving Marilyn to continue the hosting. The Schwandts continued to work from sun up to sun down for the next two days to get their new baby ready for the long drive back to Iowa. Their hard work paid off as Dave wrote to say they made it home without a hitch.

Observations: Rene and Donene Kroeger were the first to arrive in their Cummins 300 + 50D pickup on Monday with president elect, Tom Turner, not too far behind. We all attended the Veteran Motor Car Club of America (V.M.C.C.A.) local chapter meeting in Kerrville Tuesday evening and saw a demonstration on a new oil additive product. Guests attended from as far away as California and Florida as well as north of the border. There were four 999 (special order paint) as well as three G convertibles parked together at the show; we can’t remember seeing any G convertibles at the meets for the last 6 years, except ours. The 300Fs and Gs were by far the most popular letter cars in attendance, with nine. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of members who drove 300s from Michigan – that’s a testament to their dedication of the members and 30-year-old Mopar engineering! Also, surprising was the large Texas contingent of fans and Mopars who showed up for the Saturday show; it pays to use the free listings in the many magazines dedicated to us antique automobile enthusiasts. The weather was fine all week, with just a few sprinkles on Wednesday evening and a few clouds on Thursday morning, otherwise sunny and warm, just as we promised! Thanks again to George and Eleanor Riehl, Allan and Gloria Moon, Cowboys Brian Jewhurst, Bud Jones and Jim and Jennifer Lehman – for their assistance – we appreciate it! Thanks also to the folks who mailed us videos of the meet.

We had a great time and learned a lot playing hosts. Maybe we will do it again sometime, but not for a few years, we’re still resting up from this one.

Concours d’Elegance
Junior Division
Class I 1st Place Lavonne Linnenburger C300 cpe 816 points
Class II 3rd Place Chuck Mathews 300C cpe 735 points
Ribbon Jim Lehman 300E cpe 499 points
Class III 3rd Place Len Astroth 300F cpe 681.5 points
Ribbon Bud jones 300G cpe 580.5 points
Class IV Ribbon Mike Craw 300L cvt 574 points
Hurst 3rd Place Jim Lehman 300 Hurst 684.5 points
People’s Choice: Lavonne Linnenburger – C300
Hard Luck: Andy Mikonis – 300G – overheating problems
Long Distance: Ken Mack, Birmingham, Michigan – 300C cvt – 1729 miles

Thanks to Bill Elder for typing this article for the web