May 16-20, 2001
Our 62nd Meet!

The Plymouth, Michigan Clock Tower
Standing watch over a special gathering!

The Plymouth, MI clock tower stood watch as we gathered for our spring meet. What a great time it was. Our largest turnout ever, of both people and cars. The parking lot was brimming over with a fine selection of 300s and the usual car talk.

As you can see in that classic picture at the top of this page, the highlight of the meet was a visit to the Walter P. Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, MI. (shown at left)

Pictured in all its glory, the Gaugin Red 300C hardtop sat proudly in front of the museum as members and guests entered to see the exhibits.

And below is a view from the entrance to the museum, looking out on the plaza. A black 300C is featured in this picture.

The side of the museum (at right) features an image of a 300C. The image is made up of fifty-four translucent shades, one per window panel. From the inside of the museum, one can see the outside view with a pale image of the car. Creative idea.

And who should be standing admiring the picture, but Gil Cunningham, Chief Judge and Head of the Concours Standards Committee. Wonder if he is about ready to judge this one.

All who attended the meet visited the Hudson Museum in Ypsilanti on Friday. This was the home of the last remaining Hudson Dealer. Jack Miller, brother of our own Mar Lou Wiltse, is the Director of the museum. He was there to provide a first hand description of the museum and its contents.

We do not have any pictures of the inside of the museum at this time, but it is well worth the visit when in Ypsilanti.

How fitting that a 1955 300 was parked at the head of the line. When the '55 was new, Hudsons were still being made (albeit restyled clones of the Nash) and were available at this dealership.

A 1959 300E, parked at the entrance to the museum.

Bet the Hudson dealer never had a line-up like this on its used car lot.

A number of people who attended the meet took a tour of the Yankee Air Museum.

Probably a little bit more powerful than a 300.

Here are some guests enjoying the visit.

Gloria Moon, Club Treasurer, walking through the hotel parking lot. Gloria enjoys the parking lot conversation more than anyone.

We had the pleasure of having Robert A. Lutz, formerly of Chrysler Corporation, speak at our banquet. He and his wife, Denise, couldn't have been more pleasant quests. Mr. Lutz spoke about some of the happenings at Chrysler, his activities at Exide, and about the new Cunningham sports car which he is trying to get funding for.

It was another most enjoyable meet.

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