Vasteras, Sweden - July 2008

As many of you know, a huge car show takes place in Västerås Sweden, every year. This year it was at July 3, 4, and 5. The Chrysler 300 Club International Inc Nordic Chapter is always present at this show.

The Power Big Meet is the biggest car show in Europe. At this car show, car clubs can fence in their own space, so we did. The crew was: Ove Karlsson, Sven Norgren, Ulf Larsson, and Oddvin Skråmestø. We represent the club at this show, and other club members and 300 owners can park at our space if they like. We do not hunt them down and bring them to our place.

It is also a competition among the car clubs to see which club has the most cars, and there are supposed to be some kind of prize for the winners. But as you can imagine, we have not won anything yet, competing with Mustangs and Corvettes :), BUT in percentage of produced cars, we might have a chance...

New to this year was the great club banner we got from Michael Burke. Thank you.

Jouko Haapala's 300F

Ove Karlsson's 300F, Sven Norgren's 300C, and Ulf Larsson's black 300C

Ulf's 300C

Sven's 300C

Sven's 300C

Ove's 300F

Owner unknown

Bo Widerdal's 300L

Jon Martin Halden's 300C

Ole Jacob Holth's 300C

Jonn Martin's 300C and Ove's 300F