September 13 -16, 2000
Our 61st Meet!

photo credits: John Hertog & Paul Holmgren

Jack Wiltse's 300D, Bill Woodman's 300C, and Bill Allen's C300

Bruce Paul's 300G Michael Burke's 300F and John Doko's 300E!

Tony Rinaldi's 300F convertible

Pete Fitch's, John Hertog's, and Andy Mikonis' 300Gs

Luther Caudle's 300H, Gil Cunningham's 300H convert, and Don Verity's 300G

George Riehl's 300J (seen sporting a visual aid)

Tom Kunkle's and Allan Moon's 300 Hursts

Mark Rayner's '63 300, Morris Stafford's '65 300, Jim Krausmann's '66 300

Jack Wiltse's 300D engine compartment !

Bill Woodman's 300C

What a striking pose that is!

Chief judge Gil Cunningham really was doing some serious research !

John Dokos' 300E was thoroughly scrutinized by the judges...

 was John Hertog's 300G.

The Mighty Brutes proudly displayed their engine compartments.
Now open wide and say, "Ah."

Fins of many types graced the parking lot.

The cocktail hour at the banquet was held among the lovely gardens behind The Cascades restaurant in Colonial Williamsburg.

The banquet is seen in the subdued light of The Cascades banquet room.

David E. Davis was our guest speaker at the banquet. He is of course the founder and editor of Automobile magazine, as well as a past editor of Car & Driver.

As you can probably tell from all the photos and captions, a good time was had by all.

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