Chrysler 300 Club List Server via Google        

Revised October 21, 2020

1) Information:

This listserver is for the use of current, dues-paying members of the Chrysler 300 Club International.
It is not open to the general public.

2) Purpose:

The purpose of the list server is to provide communication between members on any subject related to Chrysler 300 cars. This includes technical information, problem solving, parts for sale, parts wanted, cars for sale, and cars wanted.

3) Rules: Click here

4) Attachments & Pictures:

JPEG's or attachments will pass through the list server. Although the Google server does not restrict message size, do what you can to keep message size reasonable.

5) Virus Protection :

It is the responsibility of the member using this list server to provide their own virus protection program. Such programs are available from Symantec, McAfee, and others.

6) To Send An Email :

The address is:

7) Email Options:

You can receive club email in three different ways.
1) Abridged Email: one summary email of new activity per day
2) Digest Email: up to 25 full new messages in a single email
3) All Email: send each message as it arrives
The default is "All Email". You can change delivery yourself or ask the list administrators to do it.

8) To Unsubscribe:

To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to or send a message to

11) List Administrators :

If you have any problems, complaints, or suggestions please e-mail

Bob Merritt at


Don Warnaar at

 12) Message Archives:

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