The Listserver

Revised October 4, 2016

As part of our service to the membership of our club, the Electronics Communications Committee has implemented an e-mail listserver. The listserver enables any member on the list to be able to communicate via e-mail to all the others on the list at the same time. At present, over 400 members are on the list; more than half of the club membership.

The listserver generally contains messages asking for advice, parts sources, opinions concerning particular parts vendors, and general support in their restoration and/or repair procedures of their Chrysler 300 automobiles.

Any member may request to be included on the listserver. It is a wonderful way to share one's common interest in 300s and in cars in general. If you are not a member of our club, please consider joining it and then by all means join in with the group on the listserver.

For more information on the list server, please see

Please review the list server rules at

Your Electronics Communication Committee (ECC)

Bob Merritt
Don Warnaar

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