July 2, 2018

"How I Do It"

Home Made Dolly Wheels

by Jeff Miklas

I made these home made Dolly Wheels to fit my '62 300. If you have a car with the front suspension off the sub frame, these make it simple to still move the car around.

I bought two dolly wheels from a local "Tractor Supply" store. At the time they were relatively inexpensive at less than $22 each.

They have a 4 X 8.50 tube type tire, 10 inches high with a grease-able roller bearing swivel. I got a length of used 2" I.D (2-3/8" O.D.) pipe and some used 1/4" steel plate from the scrap yard. I cut the pipe into two 15" sections.

I drilled the plate to match the bolt pattern on the dolly wheels and then welded the plate to the bottom of the pipe. Looking at the photos, you can see that the pipe fits up inside the shock tube on the frame. It has enough clearance to slide in easily but also fills the opening to the point that no additional support is required.

Lower the car down and it will ride on the dollies. Jack the car back up and the dollies easily slide out. This works on H, J and K frames. It may work on F and G, but I don't have a frame to check. The length of the pipe can vary depending on your personal requirements.