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Issue 53 March 17, 2021
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Green lights and blue skies
to Bill Spear

Itís probably my age that
tricks people into thinking Iím an adult.†
I want to grow
my own food but I
can't find any bacon seeds.
I don't remember
being absent-minded.
Frog parking only.
All others will be toad.
If all is not lost,
then where is it?
I don't remember
being absent-minded.

I don't suffer from insanity.
I rather enjoy it.

If you ever wondered what it is like to play Letter Car Jeopardy, be sure to check out Volumes 7 & 8 in our video section.
On the topic of club officer elections, Jim Krausmann and Mick Kreszock have decided to withdraw their nominations. You can read their statements below in the Members Say section. As a result there will be no need to cast ballots and in September we will have John Begian, President, Noel Hastalis, Vice President, Brian Frank, Secretary, Gloria Moon, Treasurer. Your directors will be John Lazenby, Bob Merritt and Mark Obermann.
One man's opinion: With the increased availability of the Covid vaccine and the reducing infection rate, I'd say it is a good bet conditions will be good enough to hold our fall meet in September. I've got it pencilled in on my calendar and will be keeping an ear to the ground for developments. Perhaps you want to do the same.
This newsletter is for you. Let us know what you'd like to see. Your opinions are always welcome and you can click here for the feedback form.
Club Events

Fall 2021: September 15-19, 2021 in Auburn Hills, Michigan, hosted by John Begian.† The host hotel will be the Auburn Hills Marriott, 3600 Centerpoint Parkway, Pontiac, MI 48341. The Chrysler 300 Club group room rates are $109 for a guestroom and $130 for a guestroom with M Club Access.† The M club lounge option includes complimentary breakfast, complimentary Hors d'oeuvres, complimentary Dessert. We have a full side lot that will be blocked off for our cars and a back lot for trailer parking.† Reservations can be made by calling the hotel at 248-253-9800 and specifying Chrysler 300 Club or on line here. Check our newsletters for more information.

Spring 2022: April 27 - May 1, 2022 (tentative) in Greenville, South Carolina. Hosted by Tom Cox and Jim Benson, our hotel will be the Greenville Marriott. We will have more information in future newsletters.

For more information, contact Ray Jones at or
Carlton Schroeder at
Feature Stories

New Old Event Reports

Memphis, TN - May 17 - 19, 1991

Winchester, Va - September 12 - 14, 1991

Tech Articles

Car Skates

Video (3:09)

We are looking for new technical articles. Please send whatever you think is helpful to

Video Corner
Mike Meier's Videos of the September 2009 meet in Branson
Volume 5
More of the business meeting and the first segment of George Riehl's transmission clinic.
Volume 6
The George Riehl transmission clinic continues.
Volume 7
The last segment of George Riehl's transmission clinic followed by the first segment of Letter Car Jeopardy.
Volume 8
The last segment of Letter Car Jeopardy.
Members Say

Jim Krausmann writes:
Youíve probably seen the club election announcement on-line or in the last Newsflite. Weíre electing officers and board members this year. Nominations were due February 14 th. I was nominated along with John Begian for the office of president. Since the nomination, Iíve spent a lot of time thinking it over. Before the ballots could be sent out, I decided it is time for a change. I've been a familiar face but there's a need for someone with enthusiasm and new ideas. In short, I've decided to decline my nomination. With nominations closed and John running unopposed, he will become president at the fall meet. I canít think of a better person for the job.
Over the years Iíve enjoyed your letters, talking on the phone and by email. Seeing everyone at meets is great. Thanks for tolerating me at the business meetings and banquets! You folks are the glue that holds the club together. I canít say enough about the officers, board and committee members of this club. We come from different backgrounds and viewpoints, but everyone has a common thought, do whatís right for the club. They work hard and donít get enough recognition. Tell them you appreciate their work.
Andrea and I arenít going anywhere. Weíll be making the meets and look forward to seeing everyone. Hereís hoping weíre all vaccinated, healthy and happy in Auburn Hills.

Mick Kreszock writes:
Iíve been a member for 25 years and have served in several different rolls. About 10 years ago I was asked to run for vice-president and honored when elected to the post. I have served for several terms and am stepping aside to allow other qualified members the same opportunity. I will continue to serve in any way I can. Letís all pitch in and support the new officers and board members when they are elected.

Rayford Reese writes:
I recently found a set of spark plug wires for our Hemi engines with ceramic boots. The boot is not as large as the original but they work fine. The set comes with straight or 90 degree distributor ends. It is part number 105-9000 ($115) from Speedway Motors.

I have a joke service bulletin†someone made up look to like an official Chrysler publication. Under "Rattles and Squeaks" it said "Remove the rear bumper. If the problem is not fixed, continue working forward removing items until the problem is fixed or you reach the front bumper."

Jeff Miklas writes:
Brewers Performance has the 300L Polyurethane transmission mount for 300L automatic back in stock. Their part number TM886. Contact
Ron Kurtz writes about his E restoration:
Work is now focused on preparing sheet metal for painting. The E is now on skates for maneuverability for initial priming. The windshield and back glass have been removed to prep rust in the gaskets; only a few spots were found. †
All interior surfaces (not exposed to the elements) were sanded down to bare metal and etch primed followed by an acrylic surface primer. All exterior surfaces (to weather) where primed with a no-etch, temporary primer to prevent any rusting, but can be removed during block sanding and prepping for top coat. The close-up shows the markings of which primers were applied to the surfaces. Several hours were needed to mask the car accordingly. †
Next step: skate the car over to the bay with the lift to remove the body from the frame for work underneath.

Chip Spencer writes:
I just recently joined the club. Here are a few pics of Brutus.

Henry Mitchell writes:
I saw the Mirror and Antenna template for the 60's Chrysler and Imperial in the latest "e"news. Attached is the 1957-58 Chrysler antenna template. I can make an actual-size copy and send it to anyone who can use this template. This is one in a set of three templates, the other two are for the rest of the Mopars for 57-58. Email

Did you know there are two different styles of oil pressure senders on RB engines? I didn't. The one on the left is the style used for oil pressure gauges. The one on the right is used for oil pressure idiot lights.

Henry Schleimer writes:
Over 10 years ago I bought through ebay a brass or bronze Chrysler 300 Club badge/emblem for mounting on the grill of my car when I eventually finished it. At the time I thought it would have been a relatively common thing but I have not seen one mounted on a club car since. Maybe not surprising since I am in Australia.
See photos attached. The rear face has two threaded bosses. Could someone enlighten me about it? Is it from the other club?
This is Terry McTaggart. I have some info on these badges and I have one, too. They were made by (now deceased) Charter member Duane Debutts. He had a friend who made items like this and made a run for Duane who distributed them to a few of his friends. Now, they are truely collector's items.

Mick Maxwell from Australia writes: Dear 300 enthusiasts. I finally got the 300 F home in one piece, What a great car! It has been a worrying five months. The F was pick up from Al Vanniceís place on the 16th of September and then sat in an New Jersey warehouse until early December. Then it crossed at least 7 Seas to get here. All the parts were in the boot (trunk) and the car was undamaged. And Thank You for all your help!

Jack Boyle writes:
Some time ago I asked if anyone know the current status of two C300ís converted to speedsters by two brothers and oil men from Texas. I did not receive any responses that I recall. I was beginning to think I had imagined them.
Last week sorting through some old WPC newsletters I found a photo of them. This photo was taken at the WPC national meet in Denver in 1976. As I recall they were built using complete C300ís when they were new cars or nearly new. They had the complete C300 drivetrains, the 150 MPH speedo and other 1955 Chrysler gauges and knobs along with the shifter on the dash. The brothers took some heat from purists for cutting up two C300ís but were far from apologetic, they were proud of their creations and enjoyed showing them off.
Back to my question: where are they now?

Have you ever seen one of these?
The story goes these were made before the 66 300M version was cancelled and that someone at Chrysler had a box of them in his desk. I have no idea if the story is true or not, but the medallions do exist.

Write us with whatever might be on your mind.
Restoration Spotlight
by Jamie Hyde

Tony Rinaldi writes:
I am offering trunk springs for the 1960. These are a one year only for all Chrysler Corporation Cars.† Contact for details.

Dominick Rinaldi writes:
I am now offering the balance tube for long rams for $175.00 plus ship $ 8.95 in the US. I already have the long ram balance tube hoses and correct clamps. Contact Dom Rinaldi, 7 Norridgewock Ave. Skowhegan Maine 04976, phone 207 474 6339 or

Jeff Miklas writes:
Hi Ho ! You might recall the thread awhile ago about the paint formula for 300C Gauguin Red. Larry Jett mentioned that I had a paint can from Larry's 300C that had a very correct color match. At the time, I had misplaced the can due to my move to my new garage. I have since found the can. I sent these photos to Larry. He suggested I send them to you for the archives. Tint Information More Tint Information

If you like picture puzzles, here are new ones from our Laguna Seca meet in 2011. Take your pick of "Larry Jett Leading the troops", "Dean Smith's 61", or "Race D."
Those Were The Days

Jeff and Dee Miklas, Fall meet 2001
Something a little different
This is a K engine that needs repaint.
I degreased it and then used a wire brush. As I got through the paint on the lower block, I found RB under the paint. Any guesses how RB got there?

Bill Elder, with 45+ years at Chrysler, writes:
I saw the RB paint on the block and it reminded me of the ink markings that we used to apply to various components at the old engine plant.† It was a very thin ink and we had jugs of every color under the rainbow.† You marked components for two reasons.† 1) for identification (when we built the 360 V-8s, there were 10 different exhaust manifolds; truck, hi-po, California etc.) and 2) if we had a run of components that had been machined off spec, we could go back to the different operators and nail the culprit for poor quality.† The other thing that looked familiar to me was the width of the letters.† We used the cheapest ĹĒ sash brushes that you could buy.

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