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Issue 56 October 13, 2021
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Green lights and blue skies to
Jerry Olsen and
Rolland Westra

Pics from the fall meet

is the thief of joy.

Don't irritate old people.
The older we get, "life in prison"
is less of a deterrent.
The fall meet in Auburn Hills. Michigan is in the history books. The weather was perfect, there was a good crowd, and the activities were outstanding. We are preparing the web page for the event. If you have photos you would like to share, send to
The club has new officers. The slate is John Begian - president, Noel Hastalis - vice president, Brian Frank - secretary, Gloria Moon - treasurer. Directors are John Lazenby, Bob Merritt, and Mark Obermann. The roster of club officials, consultants and coordinators is on the personnel page.
This newsletter is for you. Let us know what you'd like to see. Click here for the feedback form.
Club Events

Spring 2022: April 27 - May 1, 2022 in Greenville, South Carolina. Hosted by Tom Cox and Jim Benson, our hotel will be the Greenville Marriott. The room rate is $135/night. You can make reservations by calling the hotel at 864-297-0300 and mention the Chrysler 300 Club name to receive the special room rate or use this link. We will have more information in future newsletters.
Fall 2022: Plans are being made for a meet in California. Check our events page and future editions of the ENews for updates.

For more information, contact Ray Jones at or
Carlton Schroeder at
Feature Stories

New Old Event Reports

St. Louis, Mo. - May 11 - 15, 1994

Coldwater, Mi. - September 14 - 17, 1994

Tech Articles


I came across an old magazine from 1958 and thought
you might chuckle with
some of the things I found.

Members Say

Jens Blaumeier writes:
Finally, after 6 months of working and especially waiting for parts being sent from the US, we have my 300B back on the street. Now I am driving a lot and trying to find out the last bits and pieces, that have to be worked on. It is not a show car and never will be, but drives great and. Is a real eye catcher here on the streets of Hamburg. Greetings from a happy member in Germany!

Johnny Hansson writes;
Hello from Sweden. The pandemic has effected us all in some way but I hope everything is OK with you. I still have my 62 300 Sport. Very close to finish my restoration now.

Al Stauder writes;
Good Morning Everyone - I am very proud to say that I am now the caretaker of a very fine 60 300F named Virgil from Bob M. The car is amazing and I so appreciate everything Bob did to get Virgil ready for his new home in Texas. Cannot wait to get it inspected and on the road.

Rob Bult from Indiana writes:
When I was born, I was brought home in the 300L conv and carted around my first ten years. I'll be joining the club. Pictures attached.

Hi. My name is Ethan Hall and I have a 196$ Chrysler 300K. Im 17 years old from Ohio. John Slayton told me about this club and he told me that your doing a special on the K cars soon and I figured Id send this to you.

Danny Plotkin writes;
I have John Lazenby's F. It went through two owners before I got it. I would love to make the Michigan meet but I'm not sure I can get the car there. My F will be at the Audrain Concours in Newport RI on Oct 3, so I'll do my best to represent the marque and the club. I've gotten to know many of you via YouTube, the newsletters, website and listserve. I am proud to be associated with such esteemed, dedicated and knowledgeable fellow 300 lovers.

Mark Obermann writes:
Noel Hastalis and I decided to stop at EyesOn Design, where we both showed our cars (F and J) a few years ago when they featured Letter Cars. We were pleasantly surprised when we came across the Boano Coupe, with the heart of a 300B. Absolutely first rate restoration from what I could see.
We first came across this car in 2019 via Jon Dega of Rare Classic Restorations. See Enews 42.

Ron Kurtz writes;
The restoration of E 292 continues with work on the windows. The windows were removed some time ago and recently refurbished. Disassembly was easy but tricky, especially with the wing windows.
Wing windows: four rivets held in the window runs and were carefully drilled out and removed. The glass was removed and care was taken not to tear the gasket. I used OOOO fine steel wool (dry) to brighten up the chrome post that had minor pitting. The gasket at the bottom of the glass was rotted and cut new ones from and inner tube, wedged the glass into the base, then trimmed it with a box cutter.
The side glass was rather straight forward, cleaning, painting. Same treatment with the fine steel wool.
Regarding the window regulators, the power motors and gear boxes were removed and sent to Jeff Carter for rebuild. I followed the advice Ray Jones by drilling holes and bolting the arms to the frames before removing the motors, possibly saving a finger or two when the springs would have unloaded otherwise (see black arrow).
Next up, body off frame.

Write us with whatever might be on your mind.
Restoration Spotlight
by Jamie Hyde

Fellow Club Member Murray Park has developed a long needed part for us -- the 1959 to 1964 big block C body oil pans. These pans are built of heavy gauge steel, full primed ready for paint, and even come with a new drain plug and gasket. For $200 plus shipping this new pan will save a lot of time. If you need an oil pick up tube he has these as well for $50 plus shipping., If you buy both together shipping will be included for the pickup. Contact Murray at 419-448-0293 or email

I just bought a new headlight switch from NAPA for the 1962 Chrysler. NAPA part number HL6571. $17/each including shipping -- a great deal. As far as I can tell the 62 switch will work for 1963 and 1964. I don't know about 1965. We did a page on headlight switches. Marshall Larson was able to modify a new 62 switch for his F. I assume his technique would work for the G. For the price, makes sense to buy a spare for future use.

Club member Dom Rinaldi has reproduced the Ram balance tube. This is the tube (for all you K, L, and Hurst owners that only have one carburetor) that connects the two carburetors together on the ram cars. Dom told me that it is a part that was often misplaced when someone took off the rams to fit a single four barrel to improve mileage back in the day.
Dom will add the vacuum port if your application requires it at no additional charge. Let him know when you order if you need the port added to your tube.
This tube comes ready to paint in the correct color for your engine and fits any 350-426 motor using the ram set up. He is offering this tube to our club members for $175.00 including shipping to your door. He will take a check, cash or a money order made out to Dom Rinaldi, 7 Norridgewock Ave., Showhegan, Maine 04976.
If you need the rubber tubes and clamps to connect the tube to the rams, Dom can provide these as well for an additional charge.

New 1960-64 coupe sill plates will soon be available. Murray Park and Van's have been working on them for years. I plan to order a set and will post a review in the next ENews.

If you like picture puzzles, here are new ones. Take your pick of "Wurlitzer times 2", "The Franks go for a drive", or "Timeless Turbine."
Those Were The Days

The door panel on Anne Fitch's 300K convertible wearing one of the club's new door stars.
The club store has these stars in stock so if you need them, now is the time to order.
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