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Issue 61 August 15, 2022
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From years ago

A clear conscience is the
sign of a fuzzy memory.

We have a tribute page for Gil Cunningham. You can click it here.
The deadline is approaching for the California meet in October. It looks to be a great event so if you are thinking of attending, send your reservations and registration soon.
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If you want to add or update your bio, send it in.
We have the event report for the spring meet in Greenville. You can click it here.
We have the event report for Chryslers at Carlisle. Click here.
We have the event report for the Merritt Mini-Meet. Click here.
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Club Events

Fall 2022: Sunday October 9 to Thursday October 13, 2022 in Pasadena, California hosted by Bob Jasinski and Rob Kern. The host hotel is the Double Tree Hilton Pasadena/Monrovia. Rooms are $159/night not including breakfast. A breakfast package is available for $20 additional /night for party of two. The club rate will be offered for 3 additional days prior and after the Meet. Plenty of free parking with an overflow lot for tow vehicle and trailer parking with 24 hour security provided. Click for the registration form.

Spring 2023: Hank Hallowell in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Fall 2023: To be announced.

For more information, contact Ray Jones at or
Carlton Schroeder at
Tech Articles

Ballast Resistor
by John Grady

The Red on the F Wheelcover

by Nick Taylor

We are looking for new technical articles. Please send whatever you think is helpful to

Video Corner

Coupe2 Runs (7:54)

Coupe2 Brakes and Carbs (13:41)

Coupe2 Brakes, Flush, and Hubs (7:38)

Coupe2 Front Brakes (5:36)

Coupe2 Button up brakes, gas tank (13:57)

Original Survivor 1957 Chrysler 300C Convertible in White on My Car Story with Lou Costabile (9:49)

I randomly came across this video last night from this past Sunday - annual Motor Muster car show at Greenfield Village, at the Henry Ford - our celebrity Club president and 'Mopar Historian' John Begian as MC! Here (20:49)

1960 Ram Plymouth on My Car Story with Lou Costabile
Members Say

Carl Bilter writes:
I noticed the other day that 1 of the 4 covers on the 300J had curb rash. I have no idea how or when that happened, or if it's an old battle wound. Curb rash can be the kiss of death for these; it doesn't just "buff out." So what's the big deal? It's a hubcap for cryin' out loud. No, it's not. Hubcaps are used on cop cars. This is a wheel cover specific to only 3 years of Letter Cars and they don't grow on trees. It is worth the effort to work on the wound. On the right is the "before" photo. The rash is visible on the lower right. The photos below are the "after." I sanded with 180 grit and then 400. Then using the buff wheel I started with emory compound which didn't do a doggone thing. I spent the most time with the stainless compound on a spiral-sewn wheel. It removes the sanding scratches and minor abrasions but not the deep stuff. However, it improves appearance to the point that it is no longer noticeable except up close and under bright light. The last step is white rouge on a loose flannel wheel for the final buff and to bring up the shine to equal to or greater than the chrome center. This took about 2 hours of work. While it is not "fixed", it is noticeably better and this wheel cover has been saved.

Al Stauder writes:
We attended the open Corvette show and
Virgil won best in class for Mopar.

Jeff Miklas writes:
Here is a picture of master cylinder support plates from various cars.

Larry Jett writes:
I was fascinated by the history of McCandless Inc 1943. I was three then and a great time to grow up in the USA!
Herb buying a 1962 Imperial in San Jose CA (just 16 miles south of me) and driving it to NC was repeated in reverse last December when a couple flew from NC to the S.F. Bay Area and brought hundred dollar bills and purchased my neighbors 1964 300K. After breakfast, they took off for NC (in December) without a trunk full of spare parts.....just trust in Moparness. A few days later I called to see how the Letter Car did and learned that the worst problem encountered was a failure of the right turn indicators to indicate.

Carl Bilter writes:
Repop oil caps (unpainted version) are available from Auto Metal Direct part number 337-1064. Also available at Mancini, Jegs, Summit, ebay. $29.99+s/h.

Kurt Brueske writes:
Here are a few photos of 300 club members and cars at today's Iola Car Show event. I also placed a small video here. The best personal swap meeting find of the day was a Mirror-Matic rear view mirror in very nice condition, albeit little dusty, complete with wiring for $5.

Jim Birr writes:
This car tailgated me all the way from Indianapolis - sometimes doing over 75 mph!! Back from its spa - acid dip for 3 days followed by alkaline dip with 5 volts at 1500 amps that leaves a rust inhibitive pacification coating. Click here for more pictures.

Colin Campbell writes:
Attached are a few photos of the 300E to show its current state, as well as to give you a look at what its status was before we started the restoration. The car was sold new from the Freed Motor Company dealership here in Salt Lake City. I've owned it for at least twenty years. I bought it in running condition from a fellow (Stacy Odle) who passed away shortly after the sale (due to illness), much too early in life. The 300E is well along in the process of restoration at IVR (Investment Vehicle Restoration) in Granum, Alberta, Canada. We expect to finish about the end of the year. We think that the miles shown on the speedo are probably correct (about 58,000).

Drew Carl writes:
I met Noel and a few other members at Iola last week where I brought my great uncle's 62 300 non letter car factory equipped with a 413 and the bigger wheels and hubcaps of a letter car. He ordered the car new from a local dealer in 62 and later added the dual 4 barrels. The car is all original and has never sat inoperable since new. I am now the care taker of the car. My Uncles name is Howard Carl. He may have been a member of the club I am not sure. I look forward to hopefully making some club events in 2023 and have already gained a lot of knowledge and look forward to learning more. I attached a photo of the car with my uncle beside it from 2013.

Noel Hastalis writes:
Blackstone Laboratories is the oil analysis lab I've used for my F's oil ever since I drove to our Lynchburg meet, popped my hood and saw the oil foaming out of my oil filler cap. Ralph Rhees and Jim Rockey recommended this lab to me.
Blackstone makes the sampling very easy. They send sampling kits in advance that include Tyvek postage-paid return envelopes. The cost is only $30 for each analysis, all in. Within a couple weeks following sending in my oil sample in the plastic jar Blackstone provides, placed inside a small Ziplock bag, then inside the Tyvek envelope, I receive an emailed detailed analysis of all the contaminants found inside my oil. As more analyses are submitted, the history offers sample-by-sample comparison to see the trending. I've attached a copy of my most recent sample history. You might want to consider this service for your car.

Sandy Edelstein writes:
In today's mail there was my Chrysler 300 Club new member packetóthank you! I am thrilled to tell you all that we DID buy the car and it is on a truck on its way to us now! I expect it will be delivered sometime tomorrow morning! We are so excited! We flew up to Monterey last Thursday to check it out and it is in amazing conditionóboth cosmetically and mechanically, though I am sure time will tell! We put the deal together and flew back down to Palm Springs the next day.
Looking forward to fussing with it and getting it ready for the meet in October and to meeting all of you in person. Thanks again to all of you for your assistance!

Johnny Hansson from Sweden writes:
I have finished my 62 Sport.

What a fine looking car!

This was in the latest Coker Tire catalog.
Nice of them to feature the F.
Write us with whatever might be on your mind.
Restoration Spotlight
by Jamie Hyde

Ron Kurtz writes with the restoration of E292;
All stainless-steel trim has been professionally polished. Wheel covers have been disassembled, restored with new gears and medallions. Medallion backings were made from RAM board (construction floor covering) as the fibers enable great molding without tearing or folding. One of the old backings was used as pattern to cut new ones. I picked up on the little-noticed black paint theme that can be seen in the hubs, rear lettering and trunk medallion base. I accentuated this theme by painting the gear lands black. (The 300 medallion that goes into the base is now on loan to Jaime Hyde for reproduction purposes.)

Michael Van der veen writes:
Here is a page from the 1964 Chrysler book on pin stripe colors for the 300K.

John Sager adds:
Here's a link to an online copy.
If you like picture puzzles, here are new ones. Take your pick of "Mr C", "Silver K", or "Art Deco."
Those Were The Days

I see Bob & Eileen Brass, Gloria & Allan Moon, Curtis Thompson, Bea & Tom Gorse, Jack & Mary Buttino.

Daytona, Florida 1978
Something a little different

A bit of whimsy from Henry Mitchell