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Issue 63 December 12, 2022
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From years ago

Enjoy your 20s, 30s, and 40s
because when you get to your 50s
your CHECK ENGINE light is gonna come on.
Count off the days the Letter Car way
Your 2023 Chrysler 300 Club International calendar is now available! Place your order now to our Chrysler 300 Club Store - Add it to your Christmas List! Each of the 11 Letter Cars plus the '70 Hurst 300 are represented. Your calendar cost including postage is US$24.00/ea within the US, $26.00/each in Canada, and $30.00 for overseas. Payment can be submitted either by check to Chrysler 300 Club International, Inc. P.O. Box 40, Benson, MD 21018 or by PayPal to . We look forward to your orders!
John Begian writes:
The Chrysler 300 community has lost one of the pioneers of our cars, Burt Bouwkamp. Burt passed away October 26, 2022. Several of us participated at the home of member Keith Boonstra on two occasions to meet Burt and pick his brain on the whys of the Chrysler 300 program. Burt was heavily involved in the development of the 1957 Chrysler 300 program, and, even in his 90's, was sharp and was able to recall events and details of the program for us curious 300-ites. It's a sad day when the people involved are leaving us, but fortunately some of us were able to meet with him and record the sessions, which are available on our website.
I have attached his obituary and photos of some of his work at Chrysler. We also have a tribute page.
Rest in peace Burt!
The event report for the California meet is ready. You can click here. We have photos of the cars, the people, the events, and videos, Thanks to Nick Taylor for his work on the report.
This newsletter is for you. Let us know what you'd like to see. Your opinions are always welcome and you can click here for the feedback form.
Club Events

Spring 2023: Springhill Suites Marriott, 117 Museum Drive, Hershey, PA. May 17 to May 21, 2023. Hosted by Hank Hallowell. Look for details in our next ENews.

Fall 2023: September 17 - 21, 2023 in Fredericksburg, TX. Hosted by Randy Thorne.

For more information, contact Rob Kern at or
Carlton Schroeder at
Feature Stories
Bill Elder is interviewed about his G.
Click here

Tech Articles
The "Ramifications" of Chrysler Engineering
by John Veatch
Back Up Light Switch Repair
by John Grady
Astradome Power Supply repair
by John Grady
1960 Wiper Switch Repair
by John Grady

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Video Corner
1990 Meet in Boston

1990 Point Pelee Part 1

1990 Point Pelee Part 2

November News from NY

We have 10 videos from
the Pasadena meet.
These include
3 Letter Car Jeopardy.
Click here.
#1 1955 C 300 Unveil

Members Say

Rich Barber writes:
Interesting video on converting 57-64 tapered rear drums to 65 & later slip-on. New to me, but seems to make sense. Not sure if works with 3 rear drums. See the article here.

Kya & Dave Mason write:
Original commercials for the 1960 Chrysler. The only kind of commercials we want to watch! It would also be great to see some letter car versions.

Don Drakulich writes:
DupliColor is making Chrysler Green again. I just saw it at SEMA. Part# DE1619.

Michael Marmorale writes:
On reassembling the steering shaft on the G I wound up making the PVC tool and stacked the washers to adjust when the shaft came up. The steering box is in, and the snap ring is installed. See pictures here.

Dyke Ridgely writes:
As a way of thanking the various members of the group who answered my 300 F camshaft questions of a few weeks ago, I have attached cam timing diagrams for the 300 F factory cam. The first diagram is for "Advertised" duration. I believe this measurement was taken at .006" lobe lift. This was the common method of displaying cam timing used by the factory and most manufacturers in the day. The second diagram is for "Duration at .050" Lobe Lift". This diagram displays the method used by most engine builders and camshaft manufacturers. Measuring timing events at .050" lobe lift is far more accurate as tests have shown the valve needs to be a certain distance off its seat before any appreciable air flow takes place. This method also eliminates the acceleration and closing ramps which can very greatly depending upon cam manufacturer.
This 300 F factory cam, while fairly aggressive for 1960, is by today's standards a VERY mild design. The .430" valve lift, while pushing the limits of valve spring technology in that era, is by today's standards very conservative, even for street engines.
Note that the diagrams have the 4 degree retard of the 300 F camshaft included.
A number of members of the group were interested in the camshaft currently installed in my 300 F. It is a Comp Cams #21-222-4 (the kit with lifters is CL21-222-4). This is a hydraulic flat tappet cam. It is, by today's standards, a very mild grind and Comp Cams states "excellent response and good mileage, stock torque convertor, 3.23 gear". They state the operating rpm range of the camshaft is 1,300 - 5,600 rpm, just exactly where the 300 F wants to run.
If you look at the "advertised" timing diagram you will think, except for increased lift, this cam is milder than the original factory cam. However, when you look at the timing events at .050" lobe lift you will see significant differences. The Comp Cams unit gains 8 degrees of intake duration, 14 degrees of exhaust duration and most important for street driving, .032" of intake lift and .040" of exhaust lift. It also picks up 11 degrees of overlap.
The car does have a slightly more aggressive idle. I don't like slow idles so I am idling my engine at 750-800 rpm. The engine will happily idle slower but that is a number that gives me a smooth, consistent idle without excess jerking when putting the car in gear. I am frankly amazed at the instantaneous response off idle. You have to concentrate to drive away from a stoplight without a slight chirp of the tires. The power comes on the minute you touch the throttle. Top gear performance from 50 mph up is stunning. The car never seems to quit. I cannot find a down side to this camshaft.
This camshaft is not recommended for use with stock valve springs. My engine is using Crane #99837-16 valve springs. However, if you decide to purchase this camshaft I would recommend you speak directly with Comp Cams as to their spring recommendations.

Write us with whatever might be on your mind.
Restoration Spotlight
by Jamie Hyde

We will have the latest resto-news in our next edition.

If you like picture puzzles, here are new ones. Take your pick of "Bill Allen in New Mexico", "Bill Woodman in New Mexico", or "Dave Larsen in Rhode Island."
Those Were The Days

Sharp eyes with see the Donegal Court street sign.
Something a little different

From Jim Birr