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  1. WANTED: Looking for a single hubcap for the following year Letter Cars to complete a wall display in my garage. Hubcap needs to be in generally good used condition, with no major curb rash, major dents, or missing or incorrect paint. Something of driver quality, not show car quality to hang on the wall. Need one cap for 57-C; 58-D; 59-E or 60-F. Contact Darrin Bailey at (08/08/23)

  2. WANTED: Looking for 2 or 3 useable 300 hubcap plastic centre's for a preservation quality car. Contact Mark Lewis at mdl.1313   (09/15/23)

  3. WANTED: Full console from F or G, nicest shape available. I already have the tach and p/window switch. Contact Jim in Tulsa, 918-688-2232,   (09/19/23)

  4. WANTED: Chrome strip that is mounted on the lower edge of the grill shell just above the front bumper on a 1956 Chrysler 300B. Also, 150 mph speedometer for 1956 Chrysler 300B. Contact Bill at   (10/09/23)

  5. WANTED: A set of 55 - 56 Chrysler Wire Wheels for our 1956 300B.
    Contact Steve Scott at   (10/22/23)

  6. WANTED: For the 1961 300G, a set of the copper tubes for the heater system. Also, the radio antenna.
    Contact Andy at   (10/26/23)

  7. WANTED: Need a 1957 Chrysler 300C fan clutch for a hemi engine with non-working AC. Please contact Dr. Ken Patt at   (11/14/23)

  8. WANTED: Would like to buy a copy of our Club newsletter from Spring 2018 which featured the Hurst 300. Specifically, Volume 43 issue #2. Send me an e-mail with the price you want. Thanks; Rick Waseleski, email .   (11/25/23)

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