I Am Still EEE-Lated
by Guy Morice

reprinted from the Spring 1994 Club News Volume XX Number III

Thirteen years have passed since I bought my first 300E – the red one. A lot has gone on in my life since 1981 – some good and some bad. Overall, I’m certainly wiser and better off in most respects.

Look what has happened in the world since then. The dismantling of the Berlin Wall! The collapse of the Soviet Union! Just think, that big old Russian bear that so many of us grew up fearing and distrusting doesn’t even exist anymore. It positively boggles the mind.

The American auto industry has seen some monumental changes during the last 13 years. Imported autos came into the market place and stole a major piece of the pie. The “Big Three”, (especially Mother Mopar) have completely changed the way they look at and build cars. They are now winning back some of that share (YEAH).

Between 1981 and 1985, I purchased five 300E coupes (one red, two white, one black and one turquoise grey metallic). It had become my goal to own 300E coupe in each of the six regularly offered colors.

Well here it is – 1994. What is the state of affairs today? Somewhere along the way, reality set in. I abandoned the quest for a 300E in each color. I sold two 300E coupes to ultimately make room in my collection for two more of my favorite Mopars (one from the forties and one from the sixties).

Now let me tell you about the 300Es that I kept.

My red 300E coupe is my first, best and favorite. I pamper it too much. I drive it very little – generally for short distances, only on the nicest of days. I take it to shows very rarely anymore, because I find myself hanging around the car to make sure that infidels and little children don’t scratch it or put their feet on the bumpers. Once I took it on an overnight show. I found myself, waking up every hour to look out the window to check on it. I won’t do that again! I am sorry everyone, but that is the way it is with this car.

My white 300E coupe is a whole different story. I drive it a lot more – 1,000 to 2,000 miles every year. I drive it to shows and functions, even if rain threatens later in the day. I feel comfortable taking it to overnight or multi-day meets.

A few years back, a fellow worker bestowed a great honor on the white coupe, he and his fiancé had decided to forgo the traditional limousine or using “Uncle Fred’s 4 door Cadillac”. They asked if I would drive the white coupe as the bridal car in their wedding. The future groom had seen a picture of it in my office and asked if he could show it to his fiancé. I gladly agreed, after fully advising them how clumsy it would be for the bride to get in and out of the back seat. They could not be swayed. In any case, the weather was beautiful and the car looked great, decorated in crepe paper, wedding bells and foil balloons with a “Just Married” sign on the back. The car caused quite a stir. I spent the whole day answering questions about the 300E and Letter Cars in general. I was very proud!

My 300E turquoise grey metallic coupe is an unusual animal. The car is all stock, except for the engine. It is highly modified in that it is bored out, has extensive cylinder head work and a radical solid lifter camshaft. Though the engine appears to be stock on the outside, it causes quite a commotion when it is running. The fast bubbling idle with solid lifters clicking away, tells you that his is not your average 300E. I usually take it to events where the people might appreciate a little twist to an otherwise stock vehicle. It is a fun car!

There they are – my little trio of 300Es. I use and care for each one in a different manner. I respect and cherish then equally. I feel very privileged to be the owner of three such elegant and awesome automobiles.

Yes, I am still very much EEE-Lated!

Thanks to Bill Elder (Wild Man of the North) for preparing this article