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Over the years I've written about each one of these cars and have had them in individual publications, special events and museums. For the record they are a '55 C300, '56 300B, '57 300 C coupe and a 300F coupe. I've never been able to get a publication do any kind of article on the "Collection".

In the spring of 2001 I responded to an e-mail from a fellow owner of a '56 New Yorker who was looking for some assistance. Turns out that he was local and I ended my correspondence with a list of the vehicles owned. His replied was "could I come and see them" to which I answered sure. Chris Brown, the fellow NY'er owner who informed me that he was on staff with Popular Hot Rodding Magazine ask if I would have any interest in doing an article on the four cars. Naturally I was excited to have such an opportunity.

About a week later Chris and his photographer friend Scott Council arrived at our home and began looking at each car. I could tell they were jazzed about doing this as I was. We drove to different locations for possible shoots. After they left that day they continued to scout out different areas.

We made arrangements to shoot for an entire weekend starting about 6AM on Saturday morning for particular lighting. That day we went until dark driving to various time period settings. Sunday they were back and we did more and more. Glad I wasn't paying for the film! That evening we ended up with the shots of the four cars together just as the sun was setting. For some of you Southern California people you might recognize the Crescent Motel on the corner of Beach Blvd. & Crescent Ave. in Buena Park. This is on the southeast corner of Knott's Berry Farm.

Chris wrote the article which I thought was very accurate to go along with Scott's photos. Now all they had to do was sell the idea to PHR editor Cameron Evans. Even thought these are not "Hot Rods" they are the beginning of "Muscle Cars" and Cam liked what he saw, so it was a done deal.

The article appeared on six pages of the October 2001 issue, so a long time dream that I've had has finally come true. Possibly better than that is Chris and I have become good friends and maybe that is the more important issue. Cars are great tools to bring people together. As Carol Cunningham, wife of Gil, one of the founders of this club says about the club meets, "you start coming for the cars and then come for the people". We are already planning for the Rhode Island meet to visit our extended family once again.

by John Lazenby - February 2002