Vacuum Check Valve for Rams

Thanks to Carl Bilter and Jamie Hyde for this information.

For J and K Ram owners in need of a spare Booster Check valve, check out this Dorman #80190 which I bought from RockAuto for $2.76. I needed a new check valve for my J and this is what Dorman supplied as an alternative to the factory part. The new valve is black while the original Chrysler valve (part number 2401870) is white but those are impossible to find now.
More from Carl Bilter: This Dorman valve is a " inlet from the booster and 11/32" (close to 3/8") outlet to the engine manifold as indicated in the photo. The outlet is no problem -- use an 11/32" hose to connect it to the ram manifold. For the inlet from the booster, 15/32" hose can be used (closest available to "). A Gates 28609 vacuum hose connector/reducer can be used unobtrusively somewhere between the check valve and the booster to connect the 15/32" hose from the check valve to the 3/8" hose to the booster. The Gates connector is also available at Rock Auto or some local parts stores.