Carmel, California - Spring 2011 Meet
Hosted by Larry and Sandy Jett

Laguna Seca Monterey Finally Together

Meet Host Larry Jett's 300F

Welcome to the pictorial report of a special event in the history of both the Chrysler 300 Club International, Inc. and the Chrysler 300 Club, Inc. Thanks to the efforts of meet hosts, Larry and Sandy Jett, the meet was referred to as LSMFT throughout its planning stages. LSMFT - Laguna Seca Monterey Finally Together. This meet was the first combined meet of both clubs. Through Larry's enthusiasm and careful planning, the members of both clubs (some with dual membership) finally were brought together to enjoy their shared passion for the Chrysler 300 Letter Cars.

Many cars were there which were never seen before by the people in the respective clubs. Cars were driven from the east that were never at a meet on the west coast. Those living in the west brought cars which were never seen before by those attending from the east. It was a great opportunity to bring two groups of people together who shared their enthusiasm for 300s, and to meet and make new friends.

Thanks, Larry and Sandy Jett, for organizing this special meet. It was surely enjoyed by all who attended.

Now here is your opportunity, whether you were there or not, to enjoy the meet through the many pictures that were sent in.

Photo credits : Carl Bilter, Keith Boonstra, John Cote, Tom Cox, Carol Cunningham, Norm Frey, Noel Hastalis, Bob Jasinski, Rob Kern, Martha Kreszock, Christie Lazenby, Doug Mayer, Jeff Miklas, Gloria Moon, Carlton Schroeder.

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  • Click HERE for pictures of the Chryslers in attendance !
  • Click HERE for two manual transmission 300Ds!
  • Click HERE for pictures of the 300's on the roads of Laguna Seca !
  • Click HERE for great people pictures !
  • Click HERE for a collection of movies !
  • Click HERE for pictures of scenic shots !
  • Click HERE for pictures of the awards ceremony !
  • Click HERE for pictures of the banquet !

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