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Issue 57 December 16, 2021
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From Auburn Hills

Green lights and blue skies
to Lynn Dunsworth
John Begian writes:
I am pleased to announce that Joe Williams has volunteered to be the new 1962 Model Year Consultant. Joe has recently restored an H and should be able to help the membership with any questions regarding their cars. Here is his contact information: Joe Williams, 254 Shoreline Dr., New Bern, NC 28562. (301) 367-0951, email
We have the report ready for the Auburn Hills meet. Click here. We have photos and videos of our 50th meet. It was a well-attended meet with many cars, great weather and fun events. Give it a look.
Tom Cox writes:
It is not too soon to start thinking about our spring meet in Greenville. You can make reservations now; see the information below. We are working on a tour of the BMW assembly plant along with several other events. There will be more details in future newsletters. I look forward to seeing you next April in South Carolina.
This newsletter is for you. Let us know what you'd like to see.
You can click here for the feedback form.
Club Events

Spring 2022: April 27 - May 1, 2022 in Greenville, South Carolina. Hosted by Tom Cox and Jim Benson, our hotel will be the Greenville Marriott. The room rate is $135/night. You can make reservations by calling the hotel at 864-297-0300. Mention the Chrysler 300 Club name to receive the special room rate or use this link. We will have more information in our next newsletters as well as our events page.

Fall 2022: Plans are being made for a meet in California. Check our events page and future editions of the ENews for updates.

For more information, contact Ray Jones at or
Carlton Schroeder at
Feature Stories
Blasts From The Past
From newsletters of the 1970's, 80's and 90's, here are stories that haven't
seen the light of day for years and deserve another look.

New Old Event Reports

Tallahassee, Florida - May 16 - 19, 1995

Monmouth Beach, NJ. Sept. 15 - 17, 1995

Tech Articles

Do It Right The First Time

Video (1:52)
300L Front Brake Work

Video (9:42)
1960 Trunk Lip Drain Tubes

Nick Taylor writes:
Both of my 1960 Chryslers have factory external regulators. Part way through the model year they switched to an external one. The oil pressure gauge doesn't have it in it. In 1961 they went back to the internal regulator. Attached is a picture of a spare 1960 cluster with the factory external regulator and wiring. The car's wiring harness is no different, the jumpers seen here just plug into the harness. I've also attached the first and second pages of the bulletin showing the VIN break at 03148732.

Carl Bilter writes:
Here is an original 1963 alternator (single pulley, non A/C) with Lester rear casting. Notice the ribs on the rear bearing and also the special plastic insulator around the batt terminal. Those are always missing on a rebuild. Notice the Forward Look symbol.

This one is date coded the 20th week of 1963, which was the week of May 13th. Notice also no "HA" since it was for a non A/C car.
Here is a site that will describe/decode the alternator markings: Plum crazy tech info.

We are looking for new technical articles. Please send whatever you think is helpful to

Video Corner
Coupe 2, 300F

Coupe 2, 300F
Horns, lights

Members Say

Mike Falcone writes:
Dan Plotkin took his F and I took my G to the Audrain Newport Concours d'Elegance October 3rd. There were about 175 cars in the show parked on the lawn of the Breakers Mansion in Newport on Sunday. There were two other 300 club members there -- John Lyons with a beautiful Auburn Boattail Speedster and Chuck Schoendorf with an awesome Hemi powered Cunningham C-3 Coupe and a Cunningham C-4RK Racing Coupe. I also had many people attracted to my 300G. It was a great week of events. The competition was tuff with many cars worth much more than ours and owned by famous people but it was a lot of fun.

Johannes Schmitz-Valckenberg from Bavaria / Germany writes;
With this email I want to introduce myself to you all, as I became a club member in the spring of this year by a very nice and warm welcome by Carlton Schroeder and Bob Merritt.
Last year I bought the 300 from a friend here in Bavaria who had recently purchased the car in Germany. I was so fascinated about the 300 Sport that I had to convince my friend to sell it to me. Finally I succeeded and he can still see the car and run with me in some nice trips.
Meanwhile I got the gear box restored as the rear gear was broken. The leather upholstery is new. I also had some trim parts ordered in US with the kindly help of Bob Merritt giving me contacts and advice where to get them.
A 300 Sport Coupe 1964 is a very big eye catcher here in Germany as it is a very rare and special looking car. No one at Oldtimer meetings here goes to the Mustangs and Dodges -- they all come and admire my car. I think this car may be the only one or one of two 1964 300 Chryslers in my country.
For some months I have been following the conversations over the list server and also received in a very fast way support and help to my questions. Thank you for that.
I attach some fotos of my 300 1964. It is not 100% original, but under the circumstances of part supply and possibilities for me, it is my dream car and fits all my expectations. I am having great fun driving it in a relaxed way.
All the best to you and always safe and easy cruising without breakdowns.

Al Stauder writes:
I took Virgil to his first car show Saturday and it was a blast. Very few people there had ever seen a 300 car. He won Best Engine award with about 175 entries.

Allan Pozdol writes:
I wanted to share a company based here in here in Illinois that some may have a need for. J&G Brake Drum Relining can reline worn brake drum with iron liners if you are past the safe limits and has been doing so for a good number of years. Don can also reline the brake shoes with thicker friction material and arc them to fit your drums after they have been turned numerous times.
You can find J&G listed along with many more at this list of Sources.

Rick Clapham writes:
I went to an estate auction the day after the event. There was lots of junk but some interesting things. I saw a pallet containing Chrysler engine parts that came off an engine said to be badly running. I found the cause: locked closed heat-riser.

Carl Bilter writes:
I found this part in the trunk of my 1957 New Yorker coupe. It might be the same as 300C. Anyone know what it is and where it goes?

Al Macdonald writes:
300K at Bruce Larson's drag fest. Had a BBC in it.
Youtube here.

That will get the job done.

Noel Hastalis writes:
There was another Muscle Car packed show at MCACN (Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals) this past weekend in Rosemont, IL. I walked the huge show Saturday with 300 Club buddies - John Begian, Jim Bielenda, Joe Jordan, Mark Obermann and Andy Mikonis.
There was one Letter Car on display - Club member Mark Yingling trailered in his beautiful black 4-speed 300-L coupe from Pennsylvania to represent our marque. Cool seeing it, with its dealer-installed addition of dual AFBs. Mark, if you're reading this, it was great to meet and visit with you, and admire your L. Thanks for coming!
Though 'Corvette' is in its title, this show is very heavily Mopar-centric, with an outstanding rainbow of Mopar muscle - Hemis, Six Packs, Six Barrels, Daytonas, Superbirds, AARs, T/As, old drag cars and more.

John Begian writes:
For those of you looking for a 1957 Chrysler tailpipe hangar, I found one for $19.95 (stainless) and is close to the original. You can buy it from Eckler's Classic Chevy Parts. It is listed for a 1956 Chevy, part number 57-134271-1.

Write us with whatever might be on your mind.
Restoration Spotlight
by Jamie Hyde

Let me encourage you to support the Club Store and the other people that supply parts and services for our hobby. Take a minute to visit our "One Stop Shop" page and our Parts For Sale page.

New sill plates are available for 1960 - 1964 Chrysler coupes. I bought a set. They fit well, have an excellent finish and are the same thickness as original plates. You can order from either Murray Park or Vans Auto.

John Grady has a new device for the F G and H turn signal system. The problem area in this system is the turn signal cancel switch mounted on the steering column. It has springs that are prone to fail which may cause your signal to stay on or, in the worse case, cause a short in the circuit. John's device is an electronic timer that replaces the cancel switch. It is easy to install and gives 12 seconds of turn signal before shutting off. You can order this at Forward Look Parts.

Did you know that John Grady has a bunch of products for our cars? He has wheel cover spinners for G, H, J, he has hood springs for the C, D, E as well as a safety hood latch. Cast iron ram exhaust elbows, choke pots, window rollers, heater switch rebuild service and more. See Forward Look Parts for a complete list of parts and services.

Did you know we have a supplier of F, G, non-ram K, and L camshafts? Contact Hunter Webb at Camcraft Performance Cams. Phone (828) 681-5183 or (800) 426-2261. The part number for the F and G cam is 21-1010-10R4 HCR. The part number for the non-ram K and L is 21-1010-10R0. If you buy lifters at the same time as the cam, you get a guarantee against "flat cam". Hunter has both pin style and ball style lifters available. The box comes complete with the cam spec card and cam lifter ZDDP break-in lube.
The ram cam was designed off the original camshaft drawings and is an exact copy of the original but has the special 4 degree retard built into it so you do not reuse your original F and G cam drive. It is recommended that you degree your cam to the specs that come in the box as each engine is different. These are new cams (not regrinds) that are produced on state of the art equipment by hand and each one is fully inspected for quality. Camcraft is a cam shaft supplier to Nascar engine builders.

Noel Hastalis writes:
I will be painting the rams on my F and stopped by my local Cummins Engine facility today to pick up spray cans of their Cummins Engine Red. I was a little surprised to see the price had bumped up from the (tax included) $9.63 I had paid in February '12 to today's pricing of $23.64 per spray can. No matter, it is still a great paint to use on long rams.

John Begian writes:
Power steering pressure hoses will be available soon for the 1957 Chrysler with Thompson pump and 1960-1964 ram cars. Excellent reproduction. Cost will be $75 + shipping. Let me know how many you need so I can place the order soon. The hoses will be available in early 2022. Hose #307 is for the 57 and #322 is for rams. Click here for more pictures. Email
If you like picture puzzles, here are new ones. Take your pick of "Spooky", "E Night", or "C Under the Lights."
Those Were The Days

Allan and Gloria Moon with their D circa 1971.

A friend of the club sent me photos of Ben Gostanian's cars. Ben was a long time member of the club in California. You can see the photos here.

If you have photos you would like to see included in our Vintage page, let me know.
Something a little different

Bill Leahy
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