Vintage Photos
Vintage Photos

revised 01/21/2022

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  • Mr. Pope's C
  • 300F Convertible
    International Grand Prix
  • 300F Granatelli
    Daytona Beach
  • 300G Convertible
    Watkins Glen
  • 300H Convertible
    Marilyn Monroe
  • Letter from
    Tom McCahill
  • 300C and
    Don Sutton
  • Bill France, Jr.
  • Guy Williams
  • Hot rod F
    This photo is from Norm Losey. He raced this F back in the day and those are his race awards on his hood. This picture is taken at the Rolling Wheels trailer park in Elbridge, NY.

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  • A collection of photos from Linda Burke
  • Vicki Wood and
    Russ Truelove

  • Nelson Rockefeller
    and his C convertible

  • Fall Meet, 1971 and
    Spring Meet, 1972

  • Ben Gostanian's cars

  • More
  • We are always looking for more vintage photos.
    If you would like your's posted at this site,
    please contact: Bob Merritt

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