A collection of vintage pictures
Vintage Photos
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Pete Fitch and John Hertog

Jeff Miklas, ?, ?, Don Cole at the Frankenmuth, Michigan meet in 1997.

Mrs. Driscoll with an armadillo

Mike Burke, Bill Elder, Otto Rosenbusch, Norm McIntosh, Jim Golden, Ken Quick, Bob Crawford
at the Point Pelee, Canada meet in 1990.

Mike Burke, Don Cole, Bob Bjork, George Riehl, Don Rook. Gloria Moon made that sign.

Frank "Rebel" Mundy and his wife. He was a speaker at the Coldwater, MI meet in 1994.

Mike Burke, Ray Jones

Andy Mikonis, ?

George Riehl in Jeff Miklas' driveway, at the Pittsburgh meet in 1989.
The tire tracks were visible for years.

Ed Phillips, Bob Merritt, Allan Moon, Bob Crawford at the
1995 meet in Tallahassee, Florida.

Ken Langdon, Bob Merritt at the 1995 meet in Tallahassee, Florida.