1970 300 Convertible of John & Arlys Chesnutt

In July 1986 we purchased our beautiful Deep Bronze Metallic 300 convertible from the original owner in California with almost 300,000 miles. It appeared to be in great condition, however the engine wasn't running, it had a bent frame and plugged body water drains. Luckily it was easy to fix.

Our 300 with a 440 cu. inch engine and single exhaust is quiet and fun to drive. It has the optional items we wanted such as front disc brakes, AM/FM radio with stereo tape & 4 speakers, air conditioning, cruise control and corning lights. It also has a 1960's Bell System Mobile phone, which always generates conversation.

Our family has enjoyed it for over 33 years. We have used it in three weddings including one of our son's.
John & Arlys Chesnutt

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