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In this section, you will find stories about some of our members' cars, accompanied by pictures that they submitted. Please click on the car that you would like to view, and you will instantly be taken to it! Enjoy...

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John Lazenby's Letter Series collection

Rob Kern's 300C hardtop

Dan Reitz's 300F hardtop

Dan Reitz's 1966 300 Convertible

Bradley & Marilyn Teets' 300G hardtop

Paul Martin's 300F hardtop

Joe Luciano's 1962 300 Sport convertible

John Hertog's 1961 300G "Golden"
George McKovich's 300C
George McKovich's 300C

Gilles Guinee's 300F
Gilles Guinee's 300F

Jack Rose's G
Jack Rose's 300-G hardtop
Bill Codner's F
Wedding Bells Ring In Style
Bill Codner's 300F convertible

Bob Haag's L
Bob Haag's 300-L hardtop

Jim Krausmann's C
Jim Krausmann's 300-C

Jim Krausmann's 66
Jim Krausmann's '66 300

Jim Krausmann's Hurst
Jim Krausmann's 300 Hurst

Bob Haag's 70
Bob Haag's 1970 300 convert.

The Book of James I & II
Ken Langdon's K
by Ken Langdon

Antonello Jelitro's G
Antonello Jelitro's 300G convert.

Nick Conrad's 300C convertible

Jerry Browarski's C300

John Hertog's 300-L hardtop
John Hertog's 62 Sport 300
John Hertog's 62 Sport 300

John Photakis' 66 300
Robert Blake's G and Pete Fitch's G
Robert Blake's G and Pete Fitch's G


Raffaele Corneo's 300E In Italy

John & Arlys Chesnutt's
Copper Brown 300C

The story of Rob Kern's "Mopsy"
Final Restoration Phase of his 300C

My Car - My Story
by Joe Gross

Christopher Beilby's 300C

Larry Swedal's 300C Convertible

A Pair of Cs

Steve Simon's 300G

Jim McDonnell's Silver K

Ron Fedoryk restores another 300C

Doug Mayer's L

Roberto Anoardo's 300D

Mauro in Brazil

Sean Morgan B, D in Australia

Doug goes coastal

Niels Hansen's G

Rickard Larsson's Export F

Ove Niva's Hurst in Sweden

Antonello Restores an F

300C In Italy

Richard Woodfin's Surprise

Jonny Mattson's H

Two F's in Australia

300C in Australia

Russ Truelove, Tim Flock, and the 300B

The Portland Love Story of John and Arlys Chesnutt

Tony Rinaldi's 300F

Charlie Builds a Garage

The 300B and the 300M

Fins at Petersen's

Chrysler Turbine Car

Carl Kiekhaefer by Duane DeButts

The Second Life of a G Coupe by George Riehl

The L and Grandchildren by Doug Mayer

My 300 Story by Gloria Moon

The Lost is Found by Gil Cunningham

Trials & Tribulations of a "300" Nut by Chic Kramer

Love At First Sight by Duane DeButts

300C The Beautiful Brute by Gil Cunningham

Lower, Wider, Taller
by Gloria Moon

1962 Chrysler 300 in Sweden
by Ivan Regös

What To Do When You Find The Love
Of Your Life And Drag It Home!
by the Masher Mechanic

by Dave Schwandt
Paul Mallwitz's speech at the Pittsburgh
meet in 1982 with new comments
from Burt Bouwkamp.
Murray Park by Jane Park

My 300 Story by Bill Codner

A "B" For The Boss' Son

Obsession with the Best by Phil Irish

300B And Other Good Things by John Lazenby

The 300B...More Power To The Winner
by Ted Bebee and Gil Cunningham

My C300 by Chris Anselmi

My 300 G By Brian Frank

The 1957 press release for the 300D
Chrysler 300 Club News
Volume 1 Number 1

Chrysler 300 Club News
Volume I Number II

The Didja Evers by Gloria Moon

Chrysler 300 Club News
Volume 1 Number III

Chrysler 300 Club News
Volume 1 Number IV

Chrysler 300 Club News
Volume 1 Number V

Missy takes the 300F to school

by Dave Schwandt
Fifty Years Apart

by Norm and Clorine Losey
The Phantom's Long Shadow

by Michael Moore
A D For Me

by Larry Jett
The Beautiful Brute!

by Keith Boonstra

A Day In The Life Of A Hobbyest
by Paul Markham, from 1990
Stupid Trivia
From 1996
An Automotive Dream Come True For Me,

by Scott Bell
Drive Home II Road Tour

by Charlie Valentine
Harrah and his Hemi

by Larry Jett

by Larry Jett
My 300K Story, Full Circle

by Bill Elder
The Ronk K and Mr. Sad

George Kamarino's G
1955 Chrysler VIN #1

by Josh Ackerman
The 300C Taxi

by Bruce Brownell
The Restoration of the Ronk K

by Ed Itor
3N55-1001…The First 300…Where is it now?

by Steve McCloud
My International Search, For A 300B,
Or Gold Is Where You Find It

by Bob Degrilla
The Story of the Neglected Hurst

by Ray Jones
The Car That Started The Club

by Bob Dupin III
BIG Blue – The story of 8403 146407

by Gil Cunningham

by George Riehl
I Like It Like That

by Paul Zeigler
The Story of Lady G

by Billy Korbel
My "H" and Me

by Gil Cunningham
300 Brothers

by Marshall Goodknight
A Star Is Born

by Tom Turner
A Story and Dreams of the 62 “H”

by Chellis Matz
The Homecoming

by Bill Elder
Born Too Late

by Andy Mikonis
I Did It My Way

By Dr. Walter Jusczyk
I Am Still EEE-Lated

by Guy Morice
Celebration of 25 Years, at Tallahassee, Florida

by Gil Cunningham
1970 300 Convertible

by John & Arlyss Chesnutt
My Fifty Dollar Car

by Rev. Carl Kreps
My G's
by Dominick Rinaldi
Daytona Beach, Florida
by Dave Hammer, 1983

The Crime Story 300C

by Andy Jugle
How I Spent My Summer Vacation

by Bob Badyna
My Black 1961 Chrysler 300G

by Bob Hager
From Bob to Bill, Black Fin Rides Again

by Bill Elder
A White 1958 300D

by Bill Elder
A Tale of Two C-ties

by Larry Jett
A Youth Well Spent

by John Grady
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