A Day With Doug

The forecast today was for cloudy and showery. It is now. But it wasn't when I went to send some shoes to be resoled, at our post office in Lincolnville Beach, even though herself, the useless cat and I live in Northport. It was really nice then, and so I took L and the Sony camera.

Point Lookout was just a hill with lots of trees and rocks until MBNA, the Delaware bank decided that Maine was the place to do their credit card management, and so they bought much of the coast, including that hill with those rocks and trees, and they named it Point Lookout.

On the charts, down at the water, it's Great Spruce Head. Well, MBNA fixed it up and built a several million dollar facility there with your credit card payments. It has since been bought by somebody who wants to put other old people there, and so one can simply drive to the top. The L and I did that. The first several photos are on the hill, and at the top.

The photo below is at Lincolnville Beach, with the car parked across Route 1 from the post office. That's right--the major US highway is two lanes, with a few parking spaces, and a 30 mph speed limit. That's how we do things here in Maine, doncha know.

That was the trip for today. I'll write again when my shoes come back.