Jim McDonnell's Silver K

October 2009

I never set out to own a Silver Series 300K & really didn't know much about them before I bought one. In 2006 I was bit by the 300 Bug, again, & became easy prey for a motivated Letter Car seller. I started my automotive life at age 16 in 1966 & bought my first car for $200, a 1955 C300 in nice shape, a lot of car for a teenager.

I found this 300K on the club website & went back & forth with the 85 year old owner for 6 months when I agreed to pay the selling price if she was delivered. She was driven without incident from Kalamazoo to Sanford, Florida by this wonderful 85 year old gent by himself. The car was just beautiful & turned out to be a well maintained no crash survivor with 93K miles on the clock & everything worked.

Literally, after some brake work & a tune up I took her to the 20th Annual Don Garlits Mopar Meet in 2007 & took 2nd place in her class, the following year she took 1st place in her class & in 2009 took a 3rd place in the WPC National photo meet. I've never even put polish to her!

I've come to find out that a Silver K is a rare brute with only 41 known to the club. In my 60 years I have only seen 1 other Silver K, back in the early 80's. Although not my Dream Letter Car I have come to love her & am like a kid in a candy store when behind the wheel.