Rickard Larsson's 1960 300F
Restoration in Sweden

Hi Bob; I don't know if it is of any use but I saw the question about speedometers on 300 export cars; were they MPH or KPH . So I'll send you pictures on my original Export 300F that was sold in Belgium and documented as you can see by the Build sheet. There is no code in the sheet on the place for "speedometer". Thank you and best regards. Rickard in cold Sweden

OK Bob ! Hope this works out! The sheet that I found with the trim inspection sheet I think is the one that was inside the hood under production. I have some more pictures, most of exhaust with mufflers and more of special plates for export. I will send more if someone wants! Remember this is a project to restore but some parts are untouched. Best regards Rickard

The pictures below are of the driver side front floor pan. Please note that it is between floor and isolation/sound deadener!
This was a sunny day but I waited for a long time to get it warm enough to make it loose.

The pictures below are the sheets found on the passenger side front floor pan.

It is a popular misconception that European sold 300s had KPH speedometers. My summer car, a 300F imported straight to Continental Europe had MPH and it likely was the original speedometer. Raphael Brunet, who has looked at most 300s in France, has never seen one with KPH either if I recall him right. I have seen some New Yorker varieties (200 KPH), but never anything with 240 KPH.
Bottom line, Niels's car might very well be new in Europe with a MPH speedometer.
Narve Nordanger

From Antonello Jelitro in Italy:

I have several Mopars sold new as export cars:
my 1958 NY has a 240 kmh speedometer,
my 1957 DeSoto Fireflite has a 220 kmh.
The 300 F convertible sold new here also has a 240 kmh speedo,
and the 300 G sold new here but later exported to US and now residing in a large Mopar junkyard also has a 240 kmh speedometer.

It all depends if the car was ordered from a Chrysler agency or exported privately.
If ordered for export, a kmh speedometer was supplied.

The stamped metalplate is on inside right front fender, and is in French!