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(Radios, heaters,
  1. 1960 Windshield Washer system by Tony Rinaldi
  2. 1955 and 56 Seat Belts by John Cote and Sean Morgan
  3. Installing seat belts in a '57 by Bob Merritt
  4. Dealer Installed Seat Belts Kit 2132312 for 1960-1961 by Bob Jasinski
  5. Dealer Installed Seat Belts Kit 2298749 for 1960-1961 by John McAdams
  6. 62 Chrysler Seat Belt Anchors
  7. Fan Motor Replacement mid 60s Chrysler by Tony Rinaldi
  8. Clock Repair 300L by Doug Mayer
  9. New heater switches by Don Verity
  10. Remote Rear View Mirror Disassembly by Larry Jett
  11. Dealer Accessories for 1960 by Gil Cunningham
  12. Heater Valve Replacement by Carl Bilter
  13. Turn Signal Switch Replacement by Larry Jett
  14. Mirror-Matic instructions by Marshall Larson
  15. 1964 Turn Signal Switch Installation
  16. Mirror Replacement, 1964 (video)
  17. Heater Switch (video)
  18. 1959 service manual Heater Push Button system
  19. Heater Vacuum Logic (video)
  20. 1960 Wiper Washer Switch Repair
  21. K Clock Repair by John Holst
  22. 1965 Automatic Door Locks
  23. 1965 Power Windows
  24. 1965 Windshield Wipers
  25. 1961 service bulletin for servicing the electric antenna.
  26. Power Window Motor Gear Replacement by Jamie Hyde
Front Suspension
  1. Torsion Bar Summary by Part Number by Dave Schwandt
  2. More on Torsion Bars by John Hertog
  3. 1957-58-59 Torsion Aire Suspension
  4. Alignment Specifications
Rear Axle
  1. Rear differential carrier paint markings by John Hertog & others
  2. Sure Grip Spacer Pin
  3. Rear Axle Bearing Clearance by John Grady
  1. Disc brake conversion for Long Wheelbase Chryslers by John Hertog
  2. Disc brake conversion for 1960 300F by Dan Reitz
  3. Disc brake conversion on 1962 Chrysler 300 by John Hertog
  4. Dual Master Cylinder Conversion to 1960 Chrysler 300F by Dan Reitz
  5. Disc Brake Conversion 300F by Paul Martin
  6. Rear Brake hub removal (video)
  7. Brake system flush (video)
  8. Brake Drum Spring Installation (video)
  9. Parking Brake Cables J, K
  10. Brake Fluid by Jack Boyle
  11. Save The Brake Adjuster Plate by John Grady
  12. Disc Brake Comparison by Tony Rinaldi
  13. Wilwood Disc Brake Install by Tony Rinaldi
  14. 1960 Parking Brake
  15. Brake Leak (video)
Cooling System
  1. Engine Fan Summary
  2. More on Engine Fans
  3. Radiator Summary
  4. Cooling System Flush (video)
  5. Temperature Gauge Correction by Carl Bilter
  1. 1960 Chrysler order code list
  2. 1961 Chrysler order code list
  3. 1962 Chrysler order code list
  4. 1963 Chrysler order code list
  5. 1964 Chrysler order code list
  6. 1965 Chrysler order code list
  7. Special Order Dave Schwandt's Polar Blue F
  1. 1957 Chrysler wiring by Greg Leggatt
  2. 1958 Chrysler wiring by Greg Leggatt
  3. 300F Alternator Mount by Dan Reitz
  4. Instrument Panel Differences 60, 61, 62 by Bob Merritt
  5. Gauge Voltage Limiter
  6. Mallory Tach Drive Electronic Distributor by Tony Rinaldi
  7. Letter Car Distributor Summary
  8. F and G Ram Engine Spark Plug Wires and Brackets by Gil Cunningham
  9. F-G-H Turn Signal Switch Repair by Lindsey Fuller
  10. F-G-H Turn Signal System
  11. Turn Signal Switch Replace by Larry Jett
  12. 60-61-62 Turn Signal Switch Replace (video)
  13. 1964 Tilt Wheel Turn Signal by Rich Barber
  14. Lamp, fuses, and circuit breaker listing for the 1955-1965 Chrysler line by John Holst
  15. Spark Plug Wire Routing on a G Engine
  16. Spark Plug Wires J, Ram K by Carl Bilter
  17. L Distributor Restoration (video)
  18. Horn Problems 1960-62
  19. Steering Shaft Ground Strap (video)
  20. Wiper Motor (video)
  21. Ignition Switch (video)
  22. 1957 Turn Signal Switch by Kevin O'Rourke
  23. Ammeter Fluctuation
  24. L Console Wires by Jeff Miklas
  25. J Headlight Switch Replace
  26. 1960-62 Power Seat Switch Repair by John Grady
  27. 1965 Turn Signal Diagnosis
  28. Distributor Vacuum Advance by John Grady
  29. 1961 Instrument Panel Service manual
  1. 1960 thru 1964 Floating Power motor mount rebuilding by John Hertog
  2. Oil Pump Replacement 300J by Carl Bilter
  3. 57-58 Valve Cover Differences by Dave Schwandt
  4. Letter Car Camshafts by George Riehl
  5. Ram Induction by Duane DeButts
  6. More on Ram Induction
  7. 4 Bolt - 6 Bolt Valve Covers
  8. Engine Identification
  9. 1962-1970 Engine Paint
  10. Cam Phasing - Installation
  11. Motor Mount Heat Shields by Jeff Miklas
Exhaust System
  1. Original J Exhaust Pipe by Dave Schwandt
  2. Exhaust Manifold Paint (video)
  3. Exhaust System Sizes and After Market Mufflers
  4. Short Ram Header Identification by Jeff Miklas
  1. Frame, chassis and related components painting by Greg Leggatt
  2. Torsion bars & paint daubs reference pictures
Fuel System
  1. All About Rams
  2. Service Book for Rams
  3. Letter Car Carburetor Summary
  4. Gas Tank Cap Summary by Dave Schwandt
  5. Electric Fuel Pump Installation by Paul Martin
  6. H Carb Choke Plate (video)
  7. B Gas Tank Install (video)
  8. Air Cleaner Information by Dale Burkhardt
  9. Air Filter Information by Dale Burkhardt
  10. Air Filter Information by Merle Wolfer
  11. Carb to carb link by Doug Warrener
  12. Fuel transfer (video)
  13. Short Ram Gasket Installation (video)
  14. Long Ram Gasket Installation (video)
  15. Ram K Air Cleaner Curiosity
  16. 300D Carb Specs
  17. 300E Carb Specs
  18. 1963 Gas Tank (video)
  19. A Review of 1958 Fuel Injection by John Grady
  20. Carter Carburetor Book
  21. Comparison F, G, H Fuel Tanks (video)
Propeller Shaft and
U Joints
  1. Drive Shaft Boot Replacement (video)
  2. Drive shaft U Joint Modification by John Grady
Spring and
Shock Absorbers
  1. Rear springs
  2. Rear springs installation video
  3. KYB Shock Install
  4. KYB Shock Install Update
Steering Gear
  1. 61-68 Power Steering Bracket rebuild by Gary Nelson
  2. G Steering Box Rebuild by Don Verity
  3. Steering Box Disassembly by Don Verity
  4. 1961-1968 Power steering bracket adjustment (video)
  5. 1962 Chrysler Steering Box Replace (video)
  1. Cast Iron Torqueflite breakdown and reassembly by Don Verity
  2. Letter Car Transmission Summary by George Riehl
  3. Letter Car Transmission Identification by George Riehl
  4. Transmission Information Collection by Gary Nelson
  5. Pinion Gear Summary by George Riehl
  6. Transmission Dipstick (video)
Wheels, Bearings,
and Tires
  1. 300E and 300F Hubcap Disassembly by Crossram Motors
  2. Letter Car Tire Size Summary by Gil Cunningham
  3. Modern Replacement Wheels For Radial Tires by Tony Rinaldi
  4. 66 Disc Brake Wheel Same as H, G by Jeff Miklas
Sheet Metal
  1. Installing Metalcrafters rear quarter panels on a 1957 300C by Dave Schwandt
  2. Grille Medallion Installation
  3. 57 - 58 Tail Lamp Housing Comparison
  4. Paints & Colors
  5. 1960-1964 Convertible Top Frame Summary
  6. Letter Car Headlamps by Carl Bilter
  7. K Console Texture
  8. L Instrument Panel Swirl
  9. L Console Textures
  10. Buffing by Carl Bilter
  11. Trunk Reference Page
  12. 1962 Convertible Top Frame
  13. G H J Wheel Cover (video)
  14. H J Wheel Cover Paint (video)
  15. Door Mechanism Linkages (video)
  16. F G H J Seat Back Springs (video)
  17. 300K Door Stars (video)
  18. 300K Door Stars Instructions (PDF)
  19. Ignition Key Styles
  20. Arm rests and cushions 300K
  21. K Console Repair (video)
  22. 1960-1965 Heel Plates
  23. K Body Pin Stipe by John Holst
  24. Doors Windows Locks Body Service Reference Book
  25. 1962 Bumper Brackets by Jeff Miklas
  26. 60-64 console ash tray (video)
  27. Dash Pad Installation 60-62 by Just Dashes
  28. 1960 61 Wagon Tail Light Lens
  29. 1962 Convertible Top Motor Replace (video)
Air Conditioning
  1. Idler Pulley Replacement mid 60s Chrysler with AC by Tony Rinaldi
  2. 1957 AC Snorkel by Burt Bouwkamp
  1. Summary of Torque Specs by John Holst by John Holst
  2. Identification, Data Tag
  3. Identification, VIN and Engine
  1. Mystery Photos
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1) Helpful hints by Dr. Crankshaft
2) Repop Parts Suggestion Form
3) Installing a Car Lift by Ray Jones
4) Service Manuals and Parts Manuals by John Holst
5) Letter Car Specification Summary

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